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So, I’ve not made any friends during this trivial takeover political affront and I really can’t stand steem posts, but I just wanted to point out I withdrew all of my witness votes but two..Eee gad, big deal right !?! My worthless stake weight tossed around is not even an infinitesimal dent into the absurdity of this dpos. That does stand for deep piece of shit right ?

Anyway, as I sit here listening to the stones, staring up at a crescent 🌙 with Venus shining bright, sipping a cold beer I wish to inform all that they can look up which two witnesses I still support. They ain’t consensus FYI..

I was not surprised to see how many of the top 100 aren’t even running a server. That’s quite telling init?

Hate is a strong word. I reserve it for like nazis and easily agreed upon despicable humans. I don’t hate anyone here as I’m not that emotionally invested but I definitely don’t like most of the top 20. I wouldn’t hang out with them or entertain them with anything resembling meaningful interaction. Basically fuck em all !

Amazingly my opinions aren’t based on who ninja mined or who bought in its just a simple poker read easily ascertained after many run ins with the “elite” here. I say take the trash out and Sun tron can’t be worse than the idiots that hastily “protected” “us” from the evil guy that could potentially make your stake worth a shit. If you believe any of these “investors” have altruistic intentions I can’t help you.

This latest debacle will absolutely be the final purge of this platform. I’m going to drink to finally being de-wormed ! It’s so refreshing to see others give these witnesses the shit they have long deserved. Cry me a River you first world bitches ! Steem should be international and not male dominated right ? Stirring the pot here big time, but how many of these dudes in charge are lily white cunts that have more in common with the corpocracy than you and me ? Definitely not many ladies have any sway here idgaf about Eli Powell she is a dead woman walking and so is everyone at the formerly known entity stinc.

Let’s have some revolutionary spirit and relish the upheaval. Fuck the establishment! Your precious 16 cent steem is definitely an establishment that sold a pipe dream. Bring in a real gangster like Sun I say.. Keep in mind I’m one of the only people in the green here, but also understand butt hurt wankers that are losing their ass don’t represent you either. Beer run

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LMFAO nada, this place has flat fucking lined not even nonameswhatshisface with his shitty digitized "art" could save us now.. Nobody is safe from my wrath, if you've earned steem in excess I probably don't like you..

Lol, maybe folks find your fatalistic take on things as correct.
Maybe we are just burned out on waking up on the floor because the rug got jerked out from under us, again.

Steem on, or steemicide.
Your choice.

I'm in until I can fly the last bird finger!


I do like your style.. If you were a witness I'd vote for you..

if you've earned steem in excess I probably don't like you..

Then... you surely must LOVE me big time!! Hahahaha


Oh u know I love you my brother from another mother that also likes to throw things from, I was going to say cheap seats, but we're not even in the arena lol.. We are at the pub nobody dares enter as its rumoured that unfiltered thoughts lurks within..


We are at the pub nobody dares enter as its rumoured that unfiltered thoughts lurks within..

I have been seing things becoming a bit of a hot mess on here lately. Several months ago, by awesome formatting and beautiful wording combined with an informative post would someitimes land us $10 if I spent a few days putting it together like an artwork. But it's been a few months now at least that we are seeing rewards slump to $1 and $2 post payouts.

I hope I'm on the only who thinks the hive tag thing is a disaster. The word "hive" with some random numbers next to it gives users no clue what community that tag represents. It's like going back in time. In theory it seemed like a good concept, but I feel it was poor implementation. Now with the inflated Steem price, the total Steem payouts are even less, so now we can look forward to making 8 Steem for hours and hours of work. I got my seatbelt on, I'm along for the ride, as this blockchain is much like a democracy, where those with organize the options for those further down the pyramid.

Sidenote, there's a lot of love on, and it sometimes feels like that community is a world apart from what's going on in the Steem-iverse.

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Hear hear ! I can see reggae steem being cool I'll give it a gander.. Thanks for the cold beer and good to see you're still hanging around..


Apologies for the multiple typos in that rant. In my defense it was created past my bedtime, and I am not responsible for any spelling or grammar errors past my usual bedtime.

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