SteemitPortugal - Witness Update v0.22.1



Steem Witness Information

  • Steem version: 0.22.1
  • Current witness position: 197 (121 active rank)
  • Total missed blocks: 27
  • Block size: 65536
  • Reputation: 53.649
  • Account creation fee: 3.000 STEEM
  • Effective Steem Power: 6971.00 SP


Current server specs


Witness node

The Portuguese community ( Portugal, Brasil, Angola, Cabo Verde, Guiné-Bissau, Moçambique e São Tomé e Príncipe ) on steem recently updated the Witness server for the second time to the following specifications:

  • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU @ 2.50GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB RAM DDR4
  • HD: 512GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: Gigabit Internet
  • Power redundancy

Bot node

This node is a VPS that runs NodeJS bot to support/encourage the Portuguese community to create good content on Steem:

  • CPU: vCPU
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • HD: 20 GB SSD



Project presentation

This project has as main objective to promote the sustained growth of the Portuguese community in the Steem platform, with the creation of a community account for the benefit of all members of the Portuguese community.


The @steemitportugal account will be used for the benefit of the community, so that all members benefit from it in an equal and balanced way.


Yes, this project has a whitelist! We created a whitelist in case the project members make improper posts on the steem blockchain the @steemitportugal account doesn't vote for this account. Our focus is to get members to make good content and encourage their participation in this platform.

If you vote for our witness and if you have no delegation to the account, you will still have a 5% daily vote.



Delegation system

Upvote % Table

Master DelegatorMore than 1000SP40%
Super DelegatorMore than 500SP30%
Delegator Member 10SP up to 500SP20%

Those who delegate to the @steemitportugal account will have an additional % of the SP delegated to the account.

The Steemit Portugal account will only give a daily vote to each user.

Screenshot 2019-11-09 at 16.52.34.png


United we are stronger!

If you are interested in helping the community and participate in this project you can delegate by clicking in one of the links below:


Thank you to all the members that are contributing to a strong and united community!

@prc,@forykw, @portugalcoin, @mathesuggr, @aleister, @tixinhacapitinha, @liliana.duarte, @tiplas, @guzman, @trincowski, @vdux, @marfonso, @fcdvpds, @mafaldation, @crissimoes, @pedromonteiro, @myfreebtc, @vincentnijman, @ricardovieira, @pg-live-pt, @shaunmza, @rmach, @wglenz, @nascimentoab, @psos, @helgapn, @bitcoinportugal, @whymonkey, @pardinus, @pataty69, @armpcm, @onze, @leurop, @paulobassman, @steeminer4up, @assistentesocial, @loukosporbola, @tcapit, @zedikaredirect, @minloulou, @foodiecouple, @nuagnorab, @also.einstein, @hmayak, @teutonium, @demokratos, @markitoelias, @ewkaw, @shaunmza, @leodelara, @charlie777pt, @ribalinux, @martusamak, @revelim, @wagnertamanaha, @riscadox, @brazine, @orjantomarcelo, @equipodelta, @phabulu, @mrprofessor, @cyberspacegod, @paulobassman, @nutritree, @coyotelation, @diogosantos, @davidgermano, @menkarbit, @em3di, @freyman, @lpessin, @foodiecouple, @dsound, @prc, @steemean, @tracer-paulo, @d4rkflow, @saltiberra, @fernandosoder, @helgapn, @riscoin, @gazetagaleguia, @loukosporbola, @arcanu, @ukrainian.trail, @imagemvirtual, @bitcoincoimbra, @cgbernardo, @thisisawesome, @siddartha, @afonsocb, @osazuisdela, @kamarguita, @accioncultural, @treze, @compostorganico, @rivellion, @terrasdodemo, @warnasgaming, @zpedro, @queridinha, @xunguita, @tbtek, @deltacristiana, @monstershunter, @leavingtheherd, @lovegirl69, @caboverde, @karenfernandez, @steempt, @mabylinne, @gordonrose, @inesisasantos, @miafatisantos, @raqueltaylor, @inessantinho, @warnassolutions, @joaopfrancisco, @professionalgirl


Put the steemitportugal as a SET PROXY we are very grateful!
Screenshot 2019-11-09 at 20.13.13.png

We support witnesses and communities:
@good-karma, @ocd-witness, @curie, @ausbitbank, @cervantes, @drakos, @emrebeyler, @pharesim, @steempeak, @abit, @arcange, @helpie, @justyy, @qurator, @dsound, @prc, @menkarbit, @c-squared, @steempress, @steemitboard


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Nice to see that steemitportugal is evolving day by day, this witness upgrade makes the project stand out, especially this deep in the bear market!


Hi @teutonium,
The effort has been too great to keep our witness, but as we love the steem community we hold on :)

Great work, keep it up! 🇵🇹🚀

Let's keep this spirit together guys! 😃
Congratulations for the community project. 😉

Posted using Partiko iOS


Hi @tixinhacapitinha,
Thanks for your work with the moderators! :)


Hi @marfonso,
Thanks for all your support ;)

Good job to all of the @steemitportugal community. Congratulations on getting our account evolving day by day.

We are still at the beginning of the project but with some effort and hard work we will be able to reach our main objective which is to call new users of the Portuguese language to steem and help new users.

Let's continue together to have a good project in the steem community.

Hug :)


Hi @portugalcoin,
Thank you for your words and your job with us ;)

Congratulations to all members and community! STEEM ON!


Hi @pedromonteiro,
Thanks for the words and your effort to help the community.

Great job guys, keep up the good work!


Hi @pardinus,
Thank you for your words ;)

Please, write the same post in portuguese also. That's good for our community. I really appreciate that.
Congrats for this great work! 🇧🇷


Hi @nascimentoab,
Yes, we will make a post in Portuguese :) thanks for your support!

Well done, keep up the good work :)


Hi @aleister,
Thank you for the cover work!!! As always your design work is excellent ;)

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Hi @steevebot,
Thanks for your support!

Nice to see the Witness is updated and running.

Do you have any plans to release a frontend where only the posts with the "pt" tag would be shown?


Hi @trincowski,
Yes, we have in mind to create a website to filter all information with the #pt tag. One step at a time and we got there.
Thanks as always for your support!