Witness Update Log #9: We must save the STEEM blockchain ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ


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This is my 9th weekly witness update log since I made my initial witness announcement post.

This is going to be a special edition as we have to talk about the controversial chain swap that was just announced early today.

What we actually know so far

  • Justin Sun AKA Tron Foundation acquired Steemit Inc, including its branding, domain, services, ninja-mined stake etc.
  • "STEEM" token will be created on the TRON blockchain (no mention of SBD)
  • Poloniex exchange (also owned by TRON Foundation???) will re-list STEEM (again, what about SBD?)
  • A token swap will take place to transfer STEEM tokens from the Steem mainnet to TRON (confirmed by Poloniex)
  • DApps built on the Steem blockchain to be migrated to TRON ecosystem

What we don't know

  • The future of the Steem mainnet
  • Are they going to remove SBD
  • Powered up STEEM in form of STEEM POWER
  • What about Steem Engine tokens? SMTs? Hive communities?
  • What will Steem DApp devs do next?

I, techcoderx, as a STEEM witness, I will be running a witness node for Steem Classic if such fork exists, with Steemit Inc's stake nullified on the Steem Classic fork.

This is an attempt to attack the Steem blockchain using the ninja-mined stake that was included in the Steemit Inc TRON acquisition. This is done by maliciously voting in witness accounts that they control, which is a threat to the security of the Steem network.

The STEEM-TRON chain swap will mean that all aspects of the live Steem blockchain will be abandoned, such as the Steem Proposals, SMTs (currently under testing), Hive communities and all the work that Steem blockchain developers have done to make this chain a great place to be. In addition, if the Steem DApps migrate to the TRON ecosystem, project developers will have to rewrite 50% to 95% of the code to adopt, which is definitely not happening (unless Justin Sun is paying them to convince devs to do it).

Furthermore, as a 2.5-month-old STEEM witness that is currently running at a loss, abandoning the Steem blockchain would mean a net loss for me with no chance to recoup them over time. My effort of setting up techcoderx.com full RPC node would be going down the drain as it would cease to exist if the migration to TRON occurs. The entire OneLoveIPFS authentication system will have to be rewritten.

Moving to TRON will mean no more Steem Engine and SMTs as the native TRON blockchain can do what SE/SMTs do. My Steem hardware wallet project (that I plan to resume in the next few weeks) will be permanently abandoned as it no longer serves any purpose.

Steem Classic

As a response, a pull request (which was controversial back in the day it was first created) has been brought back to nullify Steemit Inc's stake. Also, a brand new Github repository has been created, usernamed SteemClassic that contains copies of the forked Steem codebase just in case the official one was messed up by the new owner of Steemit Inc.

In case if the official repositories (and its forks) get taken down for any reason, I have a copy of the current v0.22.1 source code on my witness server that I used to compile steemd when I first set up my Steem witness.

I will accept the Steem Classic split and will be running a witness on the fork with Steemit Inc's stake nullified on the Steem Classic fork.

Witness performance

Let's see how well my witness performed this week :)

Current rank: 148th (active rank 108th)
Votes: 1,267 MVests
Voter count: 42

Producer rewards (7 days): 8.57 SP
Producer rewards (30 days): 31.96 SP
Missed blocks: None!

Server resource statistics

This section will be present in every witness update logs (if any of my nodes are online) to provide new witnesses up-to-date information about the system requirements for running a Steem node.


block_log file size: 251 GB
blockchain folder size: 597 GB
Account history RocksDB size: 237 GB
RAM usage: 9.71 GB


Output of SELECT pg_size_pretty( pg_database_size('hive') );
Database size: 210 GB

Postgresql + Hivemind RAM usage: 13 GB


Screenshot 20200215 at 10.23.16 PM.pngScreenshot 20200215 at 10.23.04 PM.png
RAM: 1.04GB
CPU: ~0.1-16%

Server weekly network utilization

graphweekly_bandwidth318020 1.png

Pulled straight from server provider, best viewed on light mode

techcoderx.com API downtime

None this week! You may check out the status for the last 7 days here.

Also, we are very near 1,000 hours of uptime! By the time you see this post (after 15 February 2020 7:22 pm UTC, if nothing unexpected happens) techcoderx.com would have hit that milestone.

Screenshot 20200215 at 10.31.06 PM.png


Currently subsidising server expenses myself for the first year. If you like what I'm doing and support the Steem Classic hardfork, please consider supporting by voting for us.

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Reading Tron's documentation, I don't see how they think they can just plug Steem into it as if it were that simple. But hopefully it will take them 13 weeks to figure that out.

ย  ยท ย ์ž‘๋…„

They can modify the existing steem libraries so that it interacts with TRON blockchain without the need for any code changes in applications other than updating the package. Not sure how this will work out


I doubt it. Think the structures of each respective chain are fundamentally different. That's the way it looked to me.

ย  ยท ย ์ž‘๋…„

I dont have much SPs but I approved you as witness.

ย  ยท ย ์ž‘๋…„

Thanks for this summary. You got a new wittness vote =)
Eventhough my influence is low...Together we will keep steem alive!

ย  ยท ย ์ž‘๋…„

Every MVest counts ๐Ÿ˜Š

ย  ยท ย ์ž‘๋…„

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ย  ยท ย ์ž‘๋…„

Yes, have upvoted and reblogged your post to thousand followers.. Thank you to choose @puncakbukit as witness and curator.

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