@themadcurator is now a witness

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@themadcurator is now a witness!

@themadcurator is 100% manual curation focused and is an engagement focused initiative. I give away 200 Steem Power weekly to authors I believe deserve it. I also give away over 150,000 SP worth of free votes on a daily basis.

All witness rewards will stay powered up and used to help reward more content. I see no reason to power down for the foreseeable future. All witness infrastructure is paid for in fiat and does not require me to power down.

A vote for @themadcurator is a vote for a new Steem where good content is rewarded and discovered. I plan to do a lot of initiatives to help discover new authors and content.

Check out my recent giveaways:

I also publish a daily curation summary of all the content I curated the previous day.

Vote @themadcurator as witness

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Hats off to you! Thank you for taking the time to do all of this!



You are MAD!

I love it!

Well, that's pretty cool! I've been seeing your "calling" card on a lot of posts I've visited; even got one, myself, today — thanks for that!

I'm all about "hand made" content that adds value to Steemit, so seeing an initiative like this is really cool. Now I'm going to have to recheck my witness votes and see if I can find a slot for you... shouldn't be too hard; I've been slowly trading out some of the "tech" witnesses for more "community based" witnesses.


Dear @denmarkguy

I've been slowly trading out some of the "tech" witnesses for more "community based" witnesses

Would you mind recommending me some?



Hi there @crypto.piotr, thanks for asking!

I guess the "original" content/community witness here would be @curie, which not only helps a lot of newcomers get seen, but also delegates to a number of other community initiatives.

Another such would be @steemcommunity which is a collaboration between @abh12345 and @paulag.

The @danielsaori witness in part is behind the @dustsweeper initiative, but also runs regular content curation and commenting competitions.

The @cervantes witness is very active in content support in the Spanish language community.

I would also recommend the @helpie witness, as well as the @steemgigs witness, which is affiliated with @surpassinggoogle's U-logs movement.

There are quite a few others, but I'm not entirely up to date on those.


Dear @denmarkguy

Thank you for your previous comment. Appreciate it (as always)

I NEED YOUR HELP :) Nothing serious really. But I still hope you can spare few minutes of your time :)

I found out about great contest where winning community can receive a year's delegation worth of 20k SP!

I realized that receiving such a delegation could help greatly to grow our community. After all I'm upvoting each valuable comment. On top of that, I'm doing my best to promote quality content published by other authors and again: I like to reward those who engage with those authors.

I know that it's probably a long shot and most likely our community won't stand a chance in this contest. But I love being the underdog! Let's give them a fair fight :)

Which brings me to my next question, I was wondering if I could count on your support? At this stage I would only need to ask you to comment this post and suggest myself for the contest. Perhaps you could also make another suggestion: @ help.venezuela (this is run by my dear friend @ achim03).


This is just a first round attempt. I hope we can make it to second round hahha :) Naturally I would appreciate if you could ask your friends to help with our little "quest" :)

Let me know what you think? Perhaps you can also share some advises and hopefully we can "do little bit of brainstorming". Would be awesome to win :)



I would like to throw @c-squared witness into that hat, I may be biased as one of the cofounders but I feel our curation record more than stands it own against the others mentioned, and c-squared is far more inclusive both in terms of what sort of content it upvotes, and who can participate as a curator - c-squared empowers everyone to be a curator on the Steem blockchain, join the Discord and request the "curator" role to begin helping out with the curation effort! Currently c-squared has dedicated curation teams in English, Spanish, Dutch, Filipino, Italian, Turkish, Burmese (Myanmar) & Indonesian languages. With well over 200 curators, I believe @c-squared is the largest manual curation effort on the blockchain. All posts curated through c-squared are resteemed on the @c-squared account (which also follows the authors), and a daily selection of ~10 posts are boosted with @c-cubed vote and featured in daily posting on the @c-cubed blog. Cheers

Manual curation is appreciated. This is how the blockchain works best.

Thank you for your immeasurable work done on the blockchain, I think your signature on the posts you upvote are more than unique always, keep it up and thanks again, I'll surely vote for you, keep staying powered up.

Anda sangat luar biasa,,saya sangat suka posting gambar anda...

interesting friend publications I will be pending more of your publications

You made an interesting intro with the upside down text and you did some generous giveaways to amazing content creators, on top of that your posts are engaging as well. You already got my vote even before you made an official post about your witness. Please keep it up!🕊

You got my vote now to! Keep on doing what you do the best!

Voted you as my Witness now.
Keep up the good curation Mad.

This is great to hear, I've been following up and believe your doing a good job. I am sure going to vote you as a witness.

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Youe effort keep the faith alive for many....love to see you in new role

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instant witness vote, merely glimpsing your work on here and it already surpassed many others. Thank you for all your hard work!

Hi, I've seen you around the traps a bit lately, saw a back to front "was here" comment too (still waiting for you to visit me 🤩) Just letting you know, you just got my vote.

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Great work @themadcurator and congrats (or maybe condolences who knows) at becoming a witness.

A couple of things I'd like you to know.

First, there is a Witness Chat in The Ramble once a month where all witnesses are invited to attend and take part in a discussion about the them and the community. We had a lively one yesterday which in part was about content on the platform and its place in the ecosystem.

The next chat is March 13th at noon EST / 5pm UTC

Second, you might be interested in attending the Pimp Your Post Thursday shows on, you guessed it, Thursdays. They are a live curation show where people get to present either their own or someone else's posts and talk about them. The shows have been running for over a year now.

They are on at 11am & 7pm EST / 4pm & 12am UTC

The link to The Ramble is in my signature

The current Rambling Radio Schedule can be found here
It's All About Community!

You are doing great work here, thank you! Voted as witness.

You are regularly active and very supportive with the artists community, you have my vote:) Keep up the good work @themadcurator.

Do you support bidbots?

Its great to see you supporting original content on Steem!

excellent content in your account, I like it a lot, I'm new to this and my account is about my dreams are literally amazing, if you like you can go through my profile the mad curator xd

That is so generous of you.
Keep up with amazing content.

Excellent sir. Voted and Followed. Best of luck!

  ·  2년 전

This is great news.

tebrikler ::

this is great! Nice to see the support 💜

from when i stumble on your comments, looks like you are doing a great job. will vote for you, not that it will help you greatly 😁

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Glad to see more efforts and SP flow into manual curation. While sometimes it becomes time consuming and even frustrating. It’s the human element that often feels void on this platform.

We have seen how algorithms/bots have worked out on other platforms—soulless and cold.

I hope more vote for this as a witness.

Te felicito y doy las gracias por el gran trabajo que estas haciendo por la comunidad, cariños y besos @themadcurator

Thanks a ton for all the love, support and great work brother really much appreciated. Cheer$;)

I strongly support your contest, and give prizes every week to @themadcurato blog users.

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A one of a kind witness!
I love yah!

bald bearded.jpg

Congrats! ;)

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I feel like I've said this before but...

You CRaZYyyy

And do good work...

Keep it up. You are a good egg

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That mustache sealed the deal
You got my vote

help me raise my vote please .. for my studies

nice mustachae

God bless you.

  ·  2년 전

Great idea of managing a witness. Will surely addy you on my voting list @themadcurator!

Thank you so much @themadcurator for such a wonderful job.

You seem kewl. Gonna keep my eye on you and prolly vote you

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hello ... notice me :)
God Bless!

Dear @themadcurator

I've noticed that you're trying to become a witness and it's the first time Im actually visiting your profile to get familiar with your work.

Did you start your journey to become witness just lately? It still seem to be long way to go to get to top50, not to mention top20.

Will keep my fingers crossed

You have my vote good sir.

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Congratulations @themadcurator!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 9 with 53 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 175,77

I will vote you🍀😁

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felicidades que bueno llegar a ganar un nivel de estos en steemit

it's so nice

I think your work is great. Keep it up. I hope to learn

Heard this great news and immediately added you to my list. The legend grows.

Great news! Thanks for all you do!

Think you for the information

You are doing great work here and GOD bless you.

sorry I can't help myself laughing upon seeing his mustache 😂 ✌️

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Congratulations!! Looking forward to your advancement up the witness chain!

I used to do curation posts every week up until late last year... I LOVE reading curated posts- I always find some awesome steemians. SO I absolutely stop over to your page constantly!


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28% of my vote was for your promotion to witness.
The other 72% was for your mustache.

You are really MAD and great. I believe your partisipation will give big contribution to STEEM.


Awesome stash. 😁 Congratulations and ♨️On Brother.

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