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LEO keeps chugging along



I was actually talking about this the other day w/ @jrcornel.

Would be funny if wLEO got pumped up to $1.25 because a few people mistakenly thought it was a wrapped version of the top 30 coin.



The new LEO interface looks pretty good but its riddled with tiny bugs that need fixing. I'm even having a hard time finding my LEO voting power percentage (across all websites). They'll get around to it eventually. Busy Busy Busy.

So I was looking at one of my new Liquidity Provider pools and noticed my fees collected jumped from $1 to $1.70 within a few minutes. What happened?


$15k volume in the same minute.

Yeah, that'll do it. The weird thing is that this trade was obviously a mistake... This account 0x0000000071e801062eb0544403f66176bba42dc0 sloshed around $11.5k back and forth, paying a 0.3% fee for no practical reason.

Upon further review, this account looked weird (leading zeros).
Indeed, this is not a user address, but a smart-contract. I have no idea what it is because I can't read Solidity. Probably a trading bot?

It makes about a 1000 references to a function called Mask().
Perhaps this is a MetaMask bot?
Dun know.


LEO to ride the coattails.

LEO is trading at all time highs and breached a 0.0005 ratio to ETH (2000:1)


It's HODL time.

I suggest to this entire community that for at least 2 months no one sell any LEO (unless providing liquidity to the wLEO pool). Over the next 3 months I expect Bitcoin to x2 and Ethereum to outperform at x3, getting close to ATH.

If this happens it will put wLEO in a very weird situation, because Uniswap accounts for 99% of our liquidity. Essentially LEO will go x3 just from riding the coattails of ETH alone. In addition to that, there is a good chance that the wLEO/ETH pair also goes up because more people are trading ETH for wLEO than vice versa. x5-x10 LEO is still on the table over the next 2-3 months. The chance of losing significant value from here over 2 months is extremely low considering the circumstances. The honeypot 300k bounty is simply too big of an incentive to move out of the market.

Future developments.

LEO will be making many developments over the next three months.
We'll be looking to onboard yield-farmers & others from ETH.
wLEO will continue to expand into the ETHEREUM ecosystem.


Remember Link?

My official price prediction for Link is a crash to $7-$8. It doubling that $4 baseline is a common occurrence. It happened to Hive when we doubled from 10 cents to 20 cents, but in between we had that insane x10.

So, what happened with Link again?


Did it literally crash right inbetween the $7-$8 mark?

LOL, damn I called that exactly 5 weeks ago. Considering where we are in the market (late September), we find ourselves at the bottom. Time for the Link Marines to go bullish again. $10 Link is a "safe" buy.

I bet many of you discounted this prediction because Link was $15 at the time and then it spiked to $17.77 days after that. These things take time to materialize. That's just the nature of a slow-moving economy with its own seasons, ebbs, and flows. Kinda messed up that I called this one exactly but I didn't set any buy orders. It's all BTC, ETH, HIVE, and LEO for me. :(

unicorn fake it make.jpg


What about UNISWAP?

I am very concerned that selling my Uniswap airdrop was a huge mistake. Considering how many coins were airdropped onto random people there should have been a way bigger dump in my opinion. Uniswap may become the decentralized Goliath of exchanges going forward. Owning even a tiny bit of the governance token (50 coins) could have HUGE returns going forward over the next year. Then again, I think everything will have huge returns over the next year so I'm not too worried about it. However, I'll probably be looking to hedge my assets back into USD in Q4 2021 and I'll seriously consider reentering the Uniswap market at that time depending on what kind of developments have been made.


Can you hear that? It's the sound of September ending.
The market hates September.
It's all uphill from here for the next 3 months.

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