War of Decentralization - Community Update (1)

4년 전

In the past weeks we were working hard to code new ingame elements. If you are a supporter we can say thank you now!

Short Info about the WoD-Game project:
We are a small german dev team and about to create a FPS game with a Steem based inventory where you will be able to securely store your valuable loot. A Special feature will be "bounty" were users are able to earn Steem by tactical gaming. The Early Access will be for everyone who Support us! :)

Alpha Splashscreen
Screenshot-18.01.2019 20-10-28.png

Alpha Test Chamber
Screenshot-18.01.2019 20-10-46.png
Screenshot-18.01.2019 20-10-53.png
Screenshot-18.01.2019 20-11-00.png
Screenshot-18.01.2019 20-11-11.png

Added Basic First Person Shooter Elements
Added Balistic Bullets
Added Trainings Dummies
Added Animations for FPS Hands
Implement early version of Test Chamber
Implement Splashscreen
Implement Text-to-speech Voice in Test Chamber
Implement HD-Renderpipeline (Unity 2018)

Join us, Support us!
Website: Click here!
Patreon: Click here!
Discord: Click here!

The WoD Dev Team

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Great work! I really like the implementations and shown impressions. Keep up with this!

I like the idea! =) Looking forward to see more. ;)

wow, looking great, with some online

Very interesting idea and I like the concept of spreading knowledge of Steem outside the immediate Steem ecosystem and creating a larger Steem ecosystem. Upvoted and Resteemed. !

The graphics are very promising, I thought that the game would be simplier but seems very nice!.