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Dear Married Woman,

Please, leave the rants on social media and build your home. The man remains the SPIRITUAL HEAD of the home. It is an office he occupies. Don't allow feminism, rants from singles and other divorcees destroy your home. People are different... How Mrs A runs her home is different from how Mrs. B does. Don't copy anyone. Learn what works for you and stick to it.

Even if your husband is irresponsible, he is still THE SPIRITUAL HEAD of your home. The fact that he is irresponsible doesn't mean he is not occupying that office. I'm saying this because one of my friends met me in a program this morning and began to pour her heart to me on certain issues.

I asked her a simple question... Does your husband know you with such an attitude? She said No!

"Why the sudden change?"....she confessed she follows one group on Facebook. I wasn't patient enough to hear the details. I told her to remove herself from the group immediately and I made sure I watched her remove herself from such group. Don't look at me that way...I can be that mean!

I warned her sternly to avoid reading things that will make her bitter about her marriage. You were a quiet and peaceful lady, suddenly, you start becoming stubborn. It can destroy the home. It's better the man knows you are stubborn from Day 1, and devises a way to manage your emotion and will even change you with his love and understanding nature with time than he knows you as a MISS PERFECT from Day 1, along the line, you become MAGARETH THATCHER.

Social media influence is destroying so many one-time beautiful homes. Don't put yours in line.

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You could be saving a home.

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Why would that stay out of social media. Don't you know that one can get connected with that? Chatting doesn't means flirting.