Why not make love to my husband wants to sleep on their backs ousted sex?

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But you know, do not you, there are women praying for her husband's sleep!
Men change shape in bed, they create many things together: The man who thought he was something, selfish man, big nose man etc. Of course, do not think of yourself as something.
But some, they know very well how to make a woman happy. They believe that the first step should always be their throwing, every time he reads, every new maneuver thinks that they have turned the woman against them.
And as if you were a superhuman creature, you know what you want, they absorb almost all of what you know in your mind!
In one way or another, men to us, that we have done to them and the great action we have taken together, we need the energy that comes out.

It takes 2 to 30 minutes for a man to become sexually active again after ejaculation (emptying). As your age progresses, this time may increase. Why nature is more understanding on them, this relaxation accelerates the period of 'sleeping your back with your words'.
If a man is a poultry, if stressed, sometimes there may be no specific cause, just want to sleep it may channel. Sexual tension has come to an end and she just wants to rest.

Of course the same goes for a woman. A woman's "warmth" or "coldness" is slower than a man's temper. After about 6 minutes of sexual intercourse, a woman returns to normal. I mean, she's either ready to make love again, or talk to me ...

All these are psychological differences between only two genera. It may not be easy for men to understand. Dialogue can be the key word. Do not think that everything that passes through your brain can be perceived by you, even if it is the thousandth year of your marriage. Talking can be a good investment.
Try at least, what you lose!

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