My woman crush Wednesday goes to....

2년 전

Today my Woman crush wednesday goes to my bestie while in primary school.

Primary school was everything all because of her. I remember how we would visit eachother. I remember how much my mum loved her and how she loved my mum too. I remember all the childhood games we played. I remember how we would play together with baby dolls.

She was very brilliant, we would read together. I remember our dreams of becoming great women, getting married to cute guys lol and making pretty babies.

I still remember the way she laughs, I remember her smile, the way she cries too.

She is a strong and determined lady.... Very strong woman who grew up with a loving father and a very caring brother.

After primary school, our communication went really bad, then we lost contact but I tell you I really missed her alot. I love her so so much.

Four or five years back, we got in touch and somehow lost contact again and tonight she chatted me up!!!!!!!

Oh my! i am so so so happy.

And she is even engaged and has a baby now!!!

Wow! Tell me, who else deserves my heart if not her.

I raise a toast to more beautiful times! Maybe now we can finally start from where we stopped.


And oh yeah, she popped the cherry!

She has a baby now too!IMG-20181031-WA0059.jpg


A true friendship is the sweetest thing you would ever come across.

I love that lady in particular!

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Awww, so sweet.

Incredibly good!

I love her too. Please don't tell my wife.

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