Phyllis Krystal meditation series: The tree and the cosmic parents

8개월 전

( picture made by Phyllis Krystal)

Are you looking for support in these uncertain times?
Sometimes you can find it with another person, but often they themselves are needing support. At such times it is very rewarding to turn inside for support. Would you believe me if I said there is a tree inside you? 😉 I'm not kidding, it lives in the subconscious as an archetypical symbol of an extremely reliable inner leaning post that brings security and connects us to the two main sources in the world wich supply everything that is alive with all the essential energy and nourishment needed: the earth and the sun. Those sources themselves also have inner counterparts,in the form of two aspects of the Higher Consciousness, symbolized by the cosmic Mother and the cosmic Father.

You'll be surprised how safe connecting to those inner sources of support can make you feel.
This exercise is especially helpful in uncertain times, when some things fall away that you used to receive support from. It is also very helpful when you are letting go of anything that no longer serves your evolution in Love that one of both of your parents have given you in your upbringing or when you are cutting the ties that bind you to your parents. Letting go is always easier when we know we are safe and supported. It is lovely when you have people to support you but it is very valuable to have an inner source of support, that you know will never waver too, that you can rely on whenever outer support falls away Or maybe even to create a base of support to which outer support can be an addition.

Try it and please share something about your experience in the comments as it would be nice to know if anyone is actually benefitting from my recordings.

Love Wombloom


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