How Women's Fashion Is Affecting the Workplace

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The Formal Style

In some places where old ideas and policies prevail, discussing women's fashion and attire can result in a discussion with Human Resources. Nevertheless, there's nothing wrong with wanting to look professional, regardless of gender.Having an understanding of when to wear what, and how to look good while doing it, is an invaluable skill for anyone working in the business world.

Traditional formal fashion between men and women differed in two specific aspects: ties and skirts. In some realms, women were expected to wear ties, usually in school uniforms. In modern times, ties for women and pants instead of skirts have become increasingly acceptable.Skirts are typically preferred in places where skirts are required for women. The basics, however, remain the same. A suit or formal outfit, depending on the job's requirements, remain excellent options.Keep in mind, though, that heels are awful and should feel awful.

Dress semi-formal

In parlance, semi-formal clothing is tricky because it can vary depending on the occasion and the gender. For women, semi-dress usually means a dress. For men, suits are often acceptable as well.You can wear a skirted suit, too, depending on your job. Knowing your job's dress code is important, though in places where semi-dress is permitted, you're less likely to be injured.However, you should always check. The main difference between formal and semi-dress is that you can remove the suit jacket when you get to your desk.


Depending on the job and whether or not it is Friday, casual attire at work can range from blue jeans and a sports jersey in the fall and spring to dress slacks and a button-down in the summer.Dresses and skirts are usually acceptable as well, though this depends on the job and the dress code. Casual Fridays tend to have more flexibility than a casual business atmosphere, such as the sports team outfit during gaming season.While some places might expect you to wear slacks or a skirt and polo as regular attire, on Fridays you might be able to wear more or less what you would wear to the grocery store.

Women have old-fashioned double standards to shake on top of that when it comes to knowing what to wear. Nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with looking good.Suits and formal day dresses have their place, as do blue jeans and polo shirts. Know the dress code at your workplace, wear comfortable shoes, and keep jewelry to a minimum.Almost always, watches are acceptable, though smart watches might be subject to company policy. Either way, make sure you know the codes so you can look professional and, most importantly, be comfortable.

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