Should Men Avoid Women Who Are "Damaged Goods?"

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I recently made a new channel on Youtube, as I intend to start spreading my message farther and wider. Perhaps because the account is only a couple of weeks old, or maybe because my habit of watching contradictory videos is making it difficult for YouTube's algorithm to place me into a box, I am frequently suggested videos that I would never expect to see before me when on my old account, which I had used for many years.

One such video that YouTube found it fit to put before me, was named something along the lines of, "Why you should avoid women who are damaged goods." I will be frank with you. I did not watch the video. It did not seem to me that I would need to. This is something that I have already given a lot thought, even before I considered myself a deep thinker.

Today I would like to share those thoughts, as well as the additional insights I have uncovered through further reflection over the last couple of days. This post is aimed specifically at men, and more so towards men who already ascribe to this philosophy of avoiding women who are "damaged goods."

Before I share my opinion on this matter, I feel it necessary to communicate the fact that I am not a feminist, nor am I in anyway attempting to earn the respect of random women I do not know nor want to know. In fact, I swore off women a long time ago, and have no desire to have even casual relationships with anyone.

So, if the words I say next offend you, or force you to question the way you have been living your life; do not leave me pissy comments about how I am only saying this to get laid and use that as an excuse to justify continuing on with your shitty actions. I say what I say because I am sick of watching you all destroy one another.

Should we avoid women who are damaged goods?

For starters, I think we should clarify this questions, because in my experience, men do not avoid women who are "damaged goods." In fact, a good portion of men actively seek out women who are damaged goods, because they know that, for the most part, they will be far dirtier in bed.

But seeking a woman out for sex is far different from seeking one out for a long term relationship, and this is the type of "avoiding" that men tend to do in regards to women who they have deemed to be "damaged goods." They're perfectly appropriate as a sex toy, but completely unsuitable as a significant other.

From what I can see though, a man's decision to seek nothing beyond sex with women who are "damaged goods" reflects only his own lack of confidence in his ability to "repair" said "goods."

If not his confidence to do so, then definitely his desire to do so, and in my opinion, if you can look upon a broken being and not feel a desire to want to help rebuild them, then you too are "damaged," my friend.

Furthermore, what quantifies a "damaged" woman is so subjective that one man who considers a woman "damaged," and who consequently pretends to be interested only long enough to obtain sex from her, will in the process of this deception "damage" her further, to a point that the next man she encounters will also consider her damaged, when if he had met her before the other, he would not have.

That's a rather long sentence. The point I am attempting to make is that the very mentality of avoiding women who are "damaged goods" creates more "damaged goods" and thus limits the amount of acceptable partners for the ever increasing majority of men who live by this erroneous philosophy.

A woman is not a product, and a person is not their baggage. If you sense that a woman is "damaged" in some way, instead of pondering what level of satisfaction you might be able to acquire through "damaging" her further, or instead of writing her off as a potential partner in future, why not be a human and seek to find out what trauma in her life is responsible for her current condition?

Though the defining factor may be different in many cases, you will find that the overwhelming majority of women who we look upon as "broken" or "damaged" suffer the same problems. Typically, they have either come to distrust the motives of men, or they have come to look upon their selves as objects.

It matters not whether this mindset was brought about as the result of sexual abuse, repeated betrayal, or intentionally corrupting influences within modern society, once the problem is diagnosed, the healing process ought to become entirely evident.

"Damaged goods" can become a confident, trusting and genuinely happy woman again, if a man has enough belief in himself - and in her potential to recover - to invest some time and effort into the rebuilding process. This is not an opinion. This I have witnessed.

So, is it wise for us men to continue labeling our counterparts as faulty products that have no use anymore? Shall we continue this practice until there are no confident, happy women left, and we have to start turning to men or children?

I think not. Better that the next time you find yourself thinking, "she's great, but she's clearly damaged," you stop and ask yourself just how damaged you are. Then take a look back at the woman in front of you and see past her suffering unto the person she always had, and still has the potential to become if someone would only take the time and the interest in reminding her of it.

It is our job as men to protect our women, but our environment has twisted us against one another, and now men are the biggest threat to women, and women to men. If you want to recognize women as goods, then you have to also recognize men as the idiots running around with sledgehammers, smashing all those goods to pieces.

How about we remember who the fuck we are, and what are responsibilities are towards the fairer - and weaker - sex?

Perhaps if we made more of an effort to counter the psychological defilement of our women that is inflicted upon them every waking minute by this disgusting society, then they would not be so easily convinced by anti-male propaganda. But they have every reason to fall prey to that shit while we are neglecting our responsibility to protect them from it.

In closing, I want to be clear that I am by no means perfect. I'm guilty of being a womanizer for longer than I'd care to admit. But I grew up. Perhaps it is time more of us did the same.

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Shit man...I wish that more people were willing to hear and understand the truth.
I wish you well and hope that the path of life is going as straight as possible for you. Keep your head high and know that there are people in many parts of the world that you have impacted. For real.

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