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@fahad290 I don't know whether India is the most dangerous place fir women to live, but definitely it is not a safe place nowadays.

good job keeep it up ... upvoted.

upvoted upvoted me back

It is a propaganda to paint india in a bad light. All these negative and wrong news will be spread till 2019 election.
We have challenges for woman safety, so others are. It is far far better compare to result shown in the survey. How can survey be authenticated by 41 indian only. sample size is very small.

almost 1/2 country women are unsafe specially in asia and in africa

that's true women's have right but need to be improved and we must support women

No it's not true that india is dangerous country for womens.....becuase We can't judge the entire country with the dirty movements of some human being. there are some inocent people too....

Really taking that, No body secure in India except Leaders and Buisnessmen.

Nice post brother.

We, Indians dending ourselves by giving data and facts but in reality India is not safer for women. We are dragging America but matter of fact is that all my female colleagues who went to America said they feel extremely safe there and not in India

Nice blog... very informative