Entry Level Hand Tools for Woodworking, Part 3: Chisels

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This series is a quick introduction to selecting handtools for woodworking. You can see previous posts here:



Next up is an introduction to chisels.

The Marples chisels have a fine reputation from way back in the day. I have not used their newest models. The original company has evidently been bought out so it is impossible to say if they really live up to it anymore.


Just by the look of them, they are made in the same factory as the wood river chisels from Woodcraft. The ones I bought a few years back did not come exactly flat.

Instead, I recommend the Narex chisels. I find they take a much keener edge and I prefer the wood handles.


Everybody always wants to make a fuss about sharpening. Just find a piece of glass and get some sandpaper. Work through the grits. Keep a consistent angle. You will get the hang of it.


Thanks for looking and let me know what you think,
Until next time,


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I prefer Narex for chisels they work but are a little soft if you ask me, they could also use allot of finishing when you get them.
I have a few Lie Nielsen planes as well but mainly hobby oriented type stuff 102/2/ chisel /scraper and a model makers that got ordered by accident when I wanted the violin makers.

Honestly you can't go wrong with a decent set of chisels and a half decent block plane for starters.

Late sorry, but voted anyway.
I'm still learning.

Hey, I haven't been going through my feed much lately, but thought of you. Looks like you haven't been on much! Hope all is well!

Take care and Steem on!