Rambling about Self - Part 2




In the beginning all you had was you.
In the end, it will be all you can get.
Despite all the choices, the choices are equally important.
For there is a right path, and there is a wrong path, and every moment is important.
One moment you’re going to spend in peace and quiet, and the next you’re going to lie to yourself and steal another look at the girl on the screen, and at the same time you are going to lie to yourself and feel even more like you don’t care.
One moment you're going to walk up the stairs and that mirror you wear on your chest is going to show you this girl, the other you’re going to walk out into the world,

just another guy in a different way, still your old self on that game board but also here in this one, the time where things are different and you might be lonely, in different ways, but you're still yourself, and you're still playing those games


with this person who you can actually be with now, not here in a hypothetical perfect world. You walk down the stairs and you've got no less than a thousand television shows on television, that all have to be watched and followed through. For whatever reason, with computer technology, you get that moment of freedom when you're not watching or following these things.

You're actually doing them, and for whatever reason, your personality becomes so consolidated that you only end up with one personality. In order to have your cake and eat it too, you only get to choose one image.

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