Art Word of the Day: Ratio


Term: Ratio

Definition: The relationship between two or

more similar things in size, number, or degree. The numerator and denominator of every fraction function in this way. For example, "1/2" represents the ratio between one and two: one of two equal parts that together make a whole. 3/6 and 50/100 are similar ratios. Ratios are often expressed as numbers separated by a colon, and read as "is to." Analogies are often made using ratios. An example is 50:100 as 1:2. Ratio is essential to scale and proportion, and to the particular type of proportion known as the Golden Mean.(pr. RAY-shee-oh)

Art Word of the Day

Every day I make an attempt to add a little bit more art knowledge to the Internet, one word at a time. Realizing there aren’t many comprehensive and complete online art dictionaries, I set out on a mission to compile my own.

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