Don't give up when you're lost, take the time

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At a time when countries around the world are easing home orders, industries that require human contact, such as retail, restaurants and tourism, will recover more slowly, and other industries may adapt to new social alienation norms. The most important thing is that many people will look for new jobs!

Before I also yearn for the work of the live Master, but also worried that they do not do well, so I gave up! The time you spend too long with the computer every day will make my eyes and body feel uncomfortable! So the idea was rejected!


Will the large increase in live-streamed viewers this year, due to the impact of the outbreak, boost the development of the live-based industry? But it doesn't seem to matter to me! LOL!!!

Back to the theme!


With the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies, more and more work is being replaced by robots. Repeat mechanical work such as cashiers, vegetable cutters, dish washers, porters, tellers, etc. need not say that this trend will quickly spread to all walks of life around the world, including some of the traditional creative work, such as writing and composing.

As a professional, I know that the tide of technological development is unstoppable, whether we like it or not. As a researcher, I instinctively explore the future of the world. As an educator and a mother, I am aware of the need to have future thinking and future-oriented masters on the road to training students and children.

Instead of escaping, face it! Take the time and add a little new knowledge and experience!

The root cause of people's consultation with professionals and institutions so far has been that they have the knowledge and experience that the average person does not have.

However, with the development of science and technology such as the network, people will enter the post-professional era, professionals and institutions to provide services of knowledge and experience has become: human knowledge generation plus machine (expert system) knowledge generation.

In the future, machines (expert systems) will become more and more complete and closer to humans. In other words, machines will become closer to models of knowledge and services provided by professionals and institutions.

Much of the work originally done by professionals was replaced by machines and technology. The current network expert consultation, experience forum community, network curriculum and other development is a reflection. I predict that the world's demand for professionals will be less and less in the future.

Social distance has now become the focus of life, and we have been punished by zero-distance contact in this war! More often, many people face losing their jobs and have lost their jobs! Including me is also looking for a job...

Confusion, anxiety, fear, every day will come...

Everyone has a very difficult time, life's difficulties, work failure, love please far away...

Persist over, life will suddenly open up;

If you can't hold on, time will teach you how to shake hands with them, so you don't have to be afraid.


The future will be good, even if there are many misfortunes.

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estoy de acuerdo con este articulo. Te invito a leer el articulo que escribí. PAUSA.te va a gustar