Hackathon in LA today


New Years


Went to a League of Legends Hackathon today with L from work. Seemed like a lot of tech nerds trying to find jobs.

A lot of jargon like "machine learning", "A.I", and even crypto were mentioned. I should've saved my snapchats.


Vegetarian with parents on the weekend. It was loaded with MSG and salt. Eeeesh


Shopping on the weekend at a pawn shop. This was priced at 1.9k for 1.25 carats. Didn't feel special enough for me to get; I'm passing on this. I'm considering a ruby with diamond halos-princess diana inspired.

On Bitcoin and crypto

ZCash ran. Too late to get in.

Algorand looks pretty good although i'm afraid future supply from staking will make it worthless.

Decred and Polkadot are on my radar for 2020 as well. More ethereum wouldn't be so bad.


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looks so much fun at the hackathon :)

  ·  작년

The pictures aren’t here. These are old photos. Forgot to download my snapchats of the hackathon