Big life change

5년 전

I have been thinking about quiting my job for many years now. But now I am finally confident enough I can make the switch to being self employed and make enough money to get by. Maybe not fully at first. But I have enough time to figure things out (because of my investments and savings). This has been a big dream of me for a long time. And I have been working at this for years, bit by bit in my spare time.

A big factor in this is that work is stressing me out to much. About one year ago I decided to switch to a different job. In hopes it would get better. But it only made things worse. The stress is even starting to affect my health. So that is a big sign for me I have to take action now and not wait any longer.

My last workday will be the end of august. Maybe sooner if I can take vacation days or something. We will see.

I am really happy I'm finally taking the step! This is big!

A picture I made today at a beautiful nature reserve. With my crappy phone camera :P

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Wow, congratulations! Best of luck on this exciting new venture! Following you to see updates as you journey through this.


Thanks! I'm counting down the days until my last workday. :P I have so many plans and ideas


Well I (selfishly) hope you share them with us so we can enjoy it too! :)

Een grote en risicovolle stap maar wel echt de juiste als het werk te stressvol was. Very impressive! Voor jezelf werken is sowieso veel fijner dus hopelijk gaat het lukken. But you'll figure it out!

excited for you! That's a bold move which takes a lot of courage. Follow your heart, it won't lead you wrong.


Thank you. It's a big step. Yea I'm sure it will turn out ok in the end.


I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Just a new chapter of your life. :)

Sometimes life doesn't always give what you want but it gives you what you need. I wish you the best of luck in your journey into great world of self employment... Get on some PJ pants and join me.

Congratulations with this big and important step. I'm curious to see what will develop for you in the future ... !

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