Workaway reloaded --- WIn 500 SP delegation for 1 Month

3년 전


You want to be able to give more to others?

You feel like your content is undervalued?

You think if you only had a little bit more SP people would notice you?

Let us put that to the test.

  • If you are a minnow

  • not in powerdown modus

  • active almost every day

  • your account is older then 3 months

Then you might be perfect for my "workaway".

There are not many but still some rules to enter
  • Let me know in the comments what you are all about or link to one of your articles which you feel represent your work.

  • Resteem this post

  • You can nominate your friends.

  • Your content has to be englisch or german

The winner will be announced in around a week.

I am not certain if I make this a weekly thing again but we shall see...GL

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Well, My name is Amir, from Iraq. and I may not have spent three months here I'm still gonna give it a go, I do multiple things, mainly comedy. but the goal of it is to have a place where I can fund my charity "Safe house for creative children", I co-founded the charity to get helpless get their lives together by bringing them into our house and get them education and safety, we help both children of abuse as well as homeless children to get off the streets and into schools.

I could talk forever but the jest is: I barely can find a job to support myself, so I made this steem account as a way to find some money to give for the kids as well as maybe get donations for them.

this is my best work regarding spreading their message

But I also do good comedy if you want laughter xD!


Amir is a really awesome guy !
His soul is so pure he once farted in my living room and the wallpapers changed color from grey to white. I actually recorded the event and if you put the video in slow motion you can actually see some gold flakes come out !

Jokes aside i really like Amir ! His videos make me laugh out loud and he is my favorite comedian on Steemit. More than that he is an awesome guy that wants to look after others before himself. I have seen a lot of engagement from his side and he is very active. I'm sure this delegation would be perfectly placed in his hands and I am sure he would use it wisely.


i second dandy's uplifting words, and i also vouch for him, can't imagine a younger steemian with such a big heart for others, and a diverse curation, encouragement, and interest, amir will surely do things with the steempower that a normal person won't do!


Good luck Amir. Hope you get it.


dude is the funniest guy i have found in a bit. sucks for him he is still a virgin. or does his dads goats count?


They’re not my dads.


wait...who's goats are you making love to?


community property, btw. we're looking for volunteer sheeps in @comedyopenmic, is your buttness available?


this butt abides

I have been posting daily, in an attempt to gain more followers. I've climbed to nearly 700, and want to take it to 1000 by the end of April. I would love to try this experiment with you!

Perhaps I should be posting in both English and Deutsch, I've been living in Berlin for a year now, and could use the practice.

Upvoted, and re-steemed





Time to Get Schwifty!


Would have thought at rep 56 you'd know not to self upvote so much. But maybe other people don't care about that.

Nice one Flippy.

Hope it goes well.

Resteemed :-)

I nominate @amuchtar, He is the hard worker, kindness and likes to help other steemians



Why not give it a shoot, Hello @flipstar I am new to Steemit reading, learning how it all works and it is hard to get through to other readers on Steemit. I write about a lot of things, I like posts about some areas in Croatia unknown to most people and about archaeology. Like in real life these subjects have just a small audience and it is even harder to get through to readers. I don't expect much from the contest but I will give it a try I will leave my latest post here and if you are checking profiles you are welcome to take a look.

Cheers to you and your contest I hope you will find someone who will benefit.

Good Post.

I wish I could nominate myself, unfortunately I have not been as active as I would have liked, but I'm trying to put a plan together of how I'll structure my blogging and go about getting attention.

Hope you keep doing these so I can eventually snag it in the future, and good luck to all those participating!

Thanks so much for this great opportunity @flipstar, I love poetry and would love my voice to be heard on steemit.
This is the link to one of my piece

Hey sir. I am Muhammad Asim from Pakistan. I think whales have not noticed my content in a true way so I am posting a link to one of the article here. Lots of love.

Hello, @flipstar!

I think you give a wonderful opportunity. While you're a newbie, you often complain that nobody notices you. And say if I were a dolphin, I would read and help new people here...

I want to try.

This post says why I'm here

And this post shows my blog:

I nominate @mcsamm!

He is a great hardworking guy with cool initiatives!

Amazing one,Can you explain about this contest in detail.

Hi @flipstar,

500 SP would be awesome to get the opportunity to support the community a bit more.
As you know I'm trying to get some SP delegated for quite a while now.
Unfortunately the offers on the market are not the best, so this would be a great opportunity.
You might know some of my posts.
I write about fitness/health, personality development, crypto and motivation the most of the time.

This is a motivational post of mine which I published recently.
By the way, great initiative from you!

Thanks for the opportunity.

that's going to be a big help for everyone :D

Good thing your project has returned, excellent support for the small fish of Steemit.

Dear Flipstar. Have been looking in vain for extra steempower solutions already (including buying via IBAN from another person) and think I qualify for this offer. I post regularly in #steemsilvergold and are active daily reading commenting and upvoting others. (I quit my job/retired early). A normal post looks like this one:' I am wealthy in real life so if that is a non qualifying factor I fully understand ! I will resteem.

This is a nice contest, I do hope the winner or winners if you keep it up make good use of their delegation.

500 SP sounds greate! Take my 100% Support bro, for support this community! Thank you 😊✌

Thanks for the amazing opportunity, I am 78days old on steemit and am really working so hard to stand firm in this community although I know it not an easy task because even those that currently have more than a thousand sp put in more works. Sometimes I post and I get discouraged because my post doesn't get much attention, I decided to give up on steemit when I saw just Gif got about $300 I was shocked. But the zeal of never to give up still keep me going, am a Kind of person who create things from whatever I see so am either here nor there but what am sure of is that am consistent. Kindly check out of one of my works

If am lucky to be a winner I know within the range of that one month a lot of things will change and I will also be able to help others who are about giving up on steemit.

Hello, @flipstar thank you for the opportunity.

I mostly write about science and history. I always try to answer questions that I think most of us have asked ourselves (specially when we were children). My goal is to contribute to create educational posts for Steemit, so that people can learn while they are making some profit. If more children Join the platform in the future, they will be able to learn and even make their homework using Steemit and also make money to support their studies, basically that is why I decided to write about these topics.

I haven't been very active on the platform, because I was sick last week, but I will start posting from this week forward.

This is one of my latest articles:

I can't think of someone who I can tag right now, but I hope they see I reestemed the post and join the contest!

I'm planning a rap world map series and i will maybe expand this for more music styles like electronic music etc. taking every support i can get 😉

I'm into all kinds of stuff. I'm a gardener,I build old VW bugs into offroad machines, a coin bullion collector and most recently started pouring my own silver. Here is a link to my latest article.

I have only two months here in steemit and I have 1290 posts. I write an article everyday about coins, silver and gold. Today will be my article #21(I started the articles 21 days ago). This is #20 :

First of all: I absolutely love the header picture 😂

Ok. Why should you choose me? A few reasons:

  • I try to make stemmit great again
  • I'm very active since a few weeks
  • I'm not only content creator I really read, upvote, comment and rested other unique content
  • I try to support other beginners
  • I have a lot of content in my head and wanna write every day an unique entry
  • I live in my car and travel full-time. This gives me much time and new ideas for steemit

Look at these posts:
my first rooftop tent trip to Norway
how my trip started

My name is aduragbemi, i'm a nigerian and i started my steemit journey on the 19th of december, 2017. I would say i have been on this wonderful platform for more than just three month. When i started blogging on steemit, i faced so many challenges on steemit and i will like you to know that i still do. I'm a guy of optimistic nature but since we are all human, there were times i almost gave up but nevertheless, i'm still here trying to figure things out. About 9 days ago, i celebrated my 1000 followers milestone achievement and if you visit my blog you will see my followers growing at an alarming rate but in truth, i am beginning to think that i have nothing to offer them because when i check some of my followers blog, i see many quality post that doesn't receive the deserved attention but since my voting power is 0.01 or 0.00 sometimes, i couldn't upvote their post but i do resteem for more views, at least that is the little i can do.

I'm a writer, poet and an artist and i hope to explore new grounds soon. I work hard day and night to ensure i don't post trash and also maintain my reputation but still it was as though i never existed and i've dedicated more time on steemit even though i'm still a student.

The question i seek answers to is; if people check my wallet, they will see that i have a very small steem power and if after knowing this, why do they keep on following me? Why are they increasing with each day passing? If not for my steem power, then why?

I think people follow me for my content and because they believe in me and i say it out with pride that they are the reason why i don't give up, why i never will consider failure as an option. Thanks to you all

I believe if i win this 500sp, it will go a long way in making my dreams my reality. I would be able to improve my blog the more, upvote quality content etc.

This is one of my most recent post;

There are many like that on my blog, not receiving its deserved attention but like i always say "it would soon be over". Thanks alot @flipstar for this opportunity and your gesture of love and hope, I really appreciate it.

Can I nominate myself.xD. to be honest I am more than 7 months here and never power down but I wonder it's hard for me to reaching my first goal become a minnow. Current status redfish.

Nice post

I congratulate!
I got 10 SP in just one month.

wow great post. i hope i got like you :D

I will like to nominate my mentor because am not really active on steemit.
Am nominating @yinkaknl here is the post link

Resteemed and upvoted,such an amazing idea,hope it works

I have 8 months and I just got 16 sp.

So beautiful post. thanks for sharing..

wow nice your post..

Nice post, amazing
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