I worked out on an empty stomach and it felt amazing.



I did the following:

Overhead press 37kg x 12, 9, 8.
Paused push ups of blocks 3x10
Stiff leg deadlift 75kg x 6,6,7
Wide neutral grip pull up 6,5,5,4,3,3,4 (total 30 reps) in 20 minute.
Behind the back snatch grip Shrugs 4x5 @ 77kg
Barbell curls 3x7 @ 35kg

All of this on an empty stomach. I am trying to recomp a little bit, so trying to lose fat while getting some muscle and strength for short term. Using carbohydrates after the workout and no carbs before workout increases insulin sensitivity.

I was less sluggish overall. I guess a hungry lion is a more dangerous lion.

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