Record of the Oldest Man in the World 256 Years Old

3년 전


Li Chung Yun became the record-breaking record for the world's oldest 256-year-old human. As we know there is no one else in the history of man who can pass the longevity of Li Chung. Unfortunately, Li Chung never told the secret recipe for his longevity to his offspring and others. Li Chung Yun or also familiar with the name Li Chung Yuen died on May 6, 1933. Li was known as a multitudent man in his life, various job professions such as being a medical physician, martial arts trainer to a military advisor.

Li has been married 24 times throughout his life, he himself buried 23 bodies of his deceased wives. And there are 200 grandchildren of 11 generations of descendants from all of his wives. In his personal life, Li Chung's grandfather forgot his own age, he claimed to be born in 1736 but in 1930 the mystery of the oldest human age in the world was revealed by Wu Chung Chieh who discovered Chinese royal dynasty documents that at that time the king said congratulations on his 150th birthday to him.
With this authentic proof, calculated by the year of his death in 1933, the grandfather of Li Chung, the "Oldest Man" in the World, was 256 years old. One unique message was left by Li Chung who likes to maintain his long nails up to 6 inches, which is to keep your heart clean and avoid a group of people who are happy to find a scene. Sit calmly like a turtle, walk with a cheerful heart like a dove and when night falls, sleep soundly like a dog.

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