The wickedness of man.

3년 전

I have been hearing about this idiom or proverb before but i never understand the meaning of it. But i get to understand this proverb as grow in life. You can image this life story.There was a man who was very rich and very famous. He was a married man but yet still look outside. He had an affair with another woman outside and the lady conceived and she told him but the man insisted that the lady should get rid of the baby but the lady refused. So the man stylishly told lady that she should not bother to terminate the pregnancy anymore that he was going to give the lady a land from one of his land and he would build a house for the lady so that the lady will not come to his matrimonial home to disturb his family so the lady accepted but on knowing to the lady that the man had intention of killing her both with the pregnancy. You know that woman can be easily be deceive. They agreed to go together to see the land but before then because of what this man told her she had been filled with joy to the extent that her younger sister noticed the level of her happy and joy so she asked her why she was so happy this day so she told her,so the sister told her she would go with her but she would come later with a bike after she and the man would have gone so that the man will not know. So when they get to the land the man asked her to come down which she did and the man told her to look around to check out the land so when the lady checked it out and turned back to tell the man thank you that the man told the lady that he warned her to abort the pregnancy but she refused so he shot the lady and the lady died. But thanks to the younger sister that followed her. She was the one who video everything and bring to the notice of the parents . If not the man would have successfully kill the lady and nobody would have known about it.

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