Building a world for "The Shard of Myrsi"

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Since joining World Anvil, I've been busy working on Lessaria, my fantasy world for "The Shard of Myrsi". Specifically I've been building the kingdom of Emtia, which is where the majority of the story takes place (right now, anyway).

My most recent article on World Anvil talks about an important book in Emtia. The prompt was:

Describe the most influential or well-known book within your world.

So, I wrote about the book that the written account of Duna's creation of Emtia and the beings that live within. This book is about to become almost obsolete in Emtia due to the fact that the unicorns have disappeared and all of the Emtians are about to become enslaved in their own homes. To read my article about The Book of Duna, click on the image below. From there feel free to checkout the other world-building articles I have put up. Almost all of them are a work in progress, so check back frequently to read more.

On several of my articles I will include a secret from the world that I don't want everyone knowing, or it'll be something that might get revealed in the story at a later time. For just $1 a month, you can have access to these secrets (Note: this would require you to have a free World Anvil account).

I hope soon to have the next chapter of Jophi's Journey up. If you've not read previous chapters I suggest you do so: You can find them on my Wordpress blog. Once the story is finished, previous chapters will be removed from my website and the story will be converted into an ebook, which will then only be available to the $20 tier and up.

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