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Samuel Umtiti header took France to their 3rd world cup ever as they beat Belgium 1:0

From the fans most of them said this should be the match of the finals, because both team plays a classic football.

Though France took the lead both team played football of the champions. In the first 20 minutes of the first half Belgium dominated the pitch until the France midfielder became strong, pogba never allow ball to stay with fellani the status was 50/50 till the end of first half, though both teams miss a lot of chances.

For the Belgium one person was miss (Lukaku) the French never allow him to play his type of football, it was anticipated that the coach would have changed him because he was lost through out the game. Hazard played a good football with many near misses, most of the crosses and penetration came through his wing since the left flank with Lukaku was not functional.

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I really wasn't happy to see Belgium out.. I wanted them to win the World Cup.. Well it was a nice game from them

That's soccer... Sometimes, the best team loses.

Good post. Looking forward to the Final analysis and predictions