Maradona health scare over as Argentina icon returns to rest in Moscow

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This pictures shows Diego Maradona most memorable moment as Argentina beat Nigeria in the FIFA ongoing world in Russia. The Argentine legend confirmed that he received medical attention at stadium but he did not go to the hospital.

Minutes after Argentine late victory, Diego was seen struggling to stand up from his seat and paramedics gave him quick attended .
However Diego has said that he had a neck pain but that has been taking care of.


"How could I leave? I send a kiss to everyone, thanks for the support!" he added.

A private jet took the Legend back to Moscow, he now rest in Russian capital before will find his way back to his country home. Because of his health challenge he cancelled a television interview he had with Venezuelan station Telesur.

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What about his celebration sign does it look rude?

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That gesture from him was totally uncalled for. Argentina almost killed him hahaha. I wonder what would have happened if they lost.

Maradona is just too passionate about football

His reactive When Argentina was playing with Nigeria tells it all...

Didnt like the middle finger he gave after they scored the last goal against Nigeria. Wishing him quick recovery..