WoW Classic Stories #2 Still not sold on a main. Gold making though!

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Blasted Troggs

Classic WoW is one of those games that is quite a grind so playing one character for some people is the preferred choice. Me on the other hand, not so much, I am a altoholic. Playing many characters to maximizing my gold making potential.


After doing some epic UI upgrades I was ready to grind on those levels. Jacques a friend from Primary school days and part of our "gaming group" also wanted to play. I was pretty settled on the mage, Malema(named after a radical politician in South-Africa) when Jacques said he wanted to play a mage in classic t relive the nostalgia. And that I had to switch to my warrior asap, because 4 dps was not a option, we can't dungeon together, we need a healer or tank.

download (1).jpg
Julius Malema is in the front, Shoot the Boer!

Me being the nice fellow that I tend to be, agreed. But he lasted till only lvl 11 on his Gnome Mage Yappy before losing interest, calling it too grindy, and logging in to Battle for Azeroth.

So back onto the mage.

And you guessed it I am having second thoughts on Mage again. The two handed tanking warrior in Fury specc was my initial plan months before classic.

But Mage is an incredible class that can farm gold extremely well, something I enjoy doing, I have good professions on the mage and the warrior is such a hassle to level, but enjoyable.


The mage is currently lvl 33 and the warrior 28. Luckily the first phase is very long and I will have lots of time now as it is school vacation. And I get off with the learners. So 2 weeks of extreme WoW grinding. I know eventually I will play the warrior, but I need at least 1k gold for the Hand guards that gives weapon skill so I can tank raids.

So ill use my mage to get rich and spend on the warrior, damn that's my plan for the next few months!

Follow along!

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