Third Born Daughter! World Poetry Day. Inspired By Saul Williams


She is the THIRD Born daughter of fire!


Took water as her lover

Kept the darkness out of her heart


Got engaged with her smile

A mysterious light was her true friend

Mammasitta / Silvie Iluh Cempaka

[Iluh = Third Born]

[Inspired by an excerpt from the poem “1987” / Saul Williams]

Saul Williams current multimedia, multitiered MartyrLoserKing is not only his most ambitious piece of art to date – it also gives his fans a chance to watch him create and erect his art right in front of their eyes.”- LA Weekly

Enjoy this article I wrote last year after watching his show in Vienna

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My third born too


In Balinese it’s „Nyoman“
Also born of fire or water ?

Check him out

i also like this poem... .. saul Williams


I wrote my own version but Saul is incredible artist I am learning from

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That touched everyone's heart for sure great one !!!


Touch touch and more touches 💜

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