MamaLa's Seafood Pasta | entry to @worldsdailyfood

7개월 전

Hello fellow Steemians from all over the world , Hope you 're all having a great time. Today we want to share our participation to @worldsdailyfood/ @travelsbyblue 's #worldsdailyfood photography contest Here's the entry for 'Friday Pizza/Pasta' Theme

MamaLa's Seafood Pasta



Our entry for Friday is a special pasta again made by our grannie. The next days we'll be sharing more of our food experience during our vacation. This we have today is our mamala's seafood pasta , very tasty and as you can see on the photo perfectly paired with bread . It's very nutritious as well. Those flavory taste of the seafoods ingredients perfectly blend with it's sauce. Tummy satisfied!

Taken using HUAWEI Y6 ; Philippines

Thanks for this yummy contest @travelsbyblue, more powers to you.

your cuties ,

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ka yummy naman niyan!

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