Fool me once. Shame on you.

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Fool me twice. Shame on me.

When dealing with money, especially digital coins, you really have just one chance. If someone shorts you or bounces a check, it would be hard to sue them for the money lost. I do not take checks, but I did take money transfers at one time and never once did they fail, until one was reversed. When the bank asked me what a bitcoin was, I said "Never mind. Keep the money." I closed my account and took the loss.

Small quantities are best just as diversification is best. The majority of my trades are ten thousand or less. I always count the folded stacks of ten bills each before pocketing the cash and sending the crypto-coin of their choice. I always send the exact dollar equivalent to the person based on a reliable site, currently, and I always get that sideways look like the dog who hears you whistling a constant tone.

One car to find out what a man is made of?

Two or three times through this process and regular investors start asking questions like, "Why don't you charge a percentage?" and "I have never seen you count the money, why not?" My answer is simple. Any percentage I charge will easily be made null if the price falls slightly, even before we pay for the coffee and leave the restaurant. Any money I count could easily contain counterfeit bills that I may not catch, so what is the point?

Either I trust the party or not. I am not going to hash that trust out in a public place, and buyers do not come to my home. Each buyer does have the stack of money in my safe. The same bills they gave me counted, checked, and banded with their name on it. If I miss a fake bill, my gold dealer does not. If I had a bank account that I trusted with ten thousand or more, the bank teller would likely catch bad bills too, but the banking system has proven to be unreliable except in handling the sum of my monthly bills.

The Application

There is a man I met in my neighborhood who had stopped to talk to me several times. He knows many people, is friendly, had advised me about the rules of the clubhouse and the like. Over the years, he found out that I once used bitcoins long ago, and I learned that he trades debt. Worlds apart!

Worlds Collide

He called one day and said, "I know you do not use bitcoins, but do you know where I can buy some? My employees in Venezuela are requesting something they can spend." I told him that I would help him get some. Showed him the ropes and sent him my coins, through shapeshift, to fill the void and allow him to pay his employees.

This monthly exercise went on for a few months and I started to buy the bitcoins for him ahead of time. He did wonder why I was not counting his money before leaving, and asked about it. I told him, "It is simple, if anyone shorts me, the next deal will not happen."


Not that same day, but the following month, we had a problem. He came, I sold him coins, and took his stack of dollars. I really don't like dollars. I left, went home and counted them, all good. I checked them to see if they were real. No, they all said, "Federal Reserve Note." Then I noticed one that was taped all around and shredded in the middle. The paper was not like its brothers.

fool me once

I put this one aside.

Next day, I took the rest of his bills to an exchange in the streets, which are one ever twenty feet, and traded them for another currency.

All were fine, but they paid me less for the bills that were old, stained, or had writing on them. Last I checked, a check is worth more with writing on it. Better when they are even signed. This is all called "Fun with Paper."

Time went by and the call came in the form of a text. (right)

He is now finding people on, paying escrow fees as well as a ten to thirty percent mark up for his coins, not to mention dealing with people that may try to give him dollars that the Federal Reserve did not print.

Getting shorted is fine. Receiving fake money is fine. As far as I am concerned it is all fake. The government will charge you capital gains on a property that is worth two times more paper dollars when you sell it, though the price in silver dollars has not changed.

I lost four dollars and found out what my neighbor is worth.

I still see him from time to time and the topic does not come up. Which is the way I wanted it in the first place.

I do not deal in bitcoins. Ethereum has also become slow and expensive to send reliably. Their days are numbered in my wallet too.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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I guess steem is good way to send then but looking at a post in that last hour, someone said the Koreans are pumping it. Don't know how true but this is the post:


Playing with coins does not damage the wallet and is not at risk with counterfeit money

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Thanks for your support off and on:-)

There is a fundamental thing when it comes to making deals and it is a fairly simple formula when it comes to creating an image: The important thing is to look good and be responsible.

If someone fails, there simply are no more deals, the part that needs your service will be in trouble. It's something like failing what is offering you something that works for you, you just need it.

It would be like discrediting trust.

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I feel you man you have principles

My answer is simple. Any percentage I charge will easily be made null if the price falls slightly, even before we pay for the coffee and leave the restaurant. Any money I count could easily contain counterfeit bills that I may not catch, so what is the point?

First person have seen with such a superb reason

He visto muchas estafas por donde yo vivo, aunque claro esta gente suele ser gente que no tiene dinero ni para comer...

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Que malo que pasaste por esa situación pero lo importante que de los errores se aprende y que estas personas que se la dan de vivos, pierden la confianza y quedan como se dice en mi país rayadas. Por qué no vuelven a conseguir nada en ningún lado.

Es muy desagradable este tipo de situación, pero estoy segura que no vuelve a pasar, ya que uno va aprendiendo a diario , y así saber en quien no confiar. A la final el perdio mas.

Este tipo de situaciones hace que uno siempre este alerta, cuando se pierde la confianza, se pierde todo.

It is terrible that this kind of situation happens, there are bad people in the world, these life lessons, we all have to learn and avoid, stumble 2 times.

Money can be earned back but trust can't be regained. I think your neighbor lost a lot more than you.

Este tipo de personas, aquí en mi Venezuela les decimos de una forma muy coloquial, pero es un tipo de expresion inapropiada para la plataforma.
En fin esta persona con ese tipo de aptitud, solamente consigue una vez.

  ·  작년

Muchas personas actúan con un doble propósito, pero no se dan cuenta que están perdiendo la confianza de los demás y que sólo una vez le pasará con ella. Gracias por compartir.

I've always thought the same way about deals, I give people a vote of confidence because they can only fool me once, sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice a little to know the personality of those around us, hurt your neighbor and their bad behavior! Greetings friend.!

The money's fake, the man's fake, for all I know you're all fake - ever heard of solipsism? (This was a joke, for those more serious-minded.)
But yes, I get your point that the money could be gained or lost either way in some other fashion. I have to admire your evenness and acceptance of your circumstances, even as I envy it/them. You, I believe, have an excellent moral compass and would be an excellent person to know (by which I mean friend/colleague), even as I might fail to make the mark for you.
Wow though, thanks for sharing.

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Hey I like what you write, thank you for sharing with all of us, The deceit is the worst that exists and more when you tare of money, be careful with scams also...many successes

@Done, Good to read your posting. I really like the vision you have of things.

It is really a lessons @done, but, what if he came to you and replace that piece, would you forgive him?


You are absolutely right, that is 2 different things. The best part of this is you forgive but not forget, that is the way we learn from experience, isn't it @done?

muy lamentable lo sucedido,saludos desde margarita venezuela esperando contar con su apoyo

Buenas noche. Excelente post. Lo invito visitar mi blog. Saludos desde Venezuela.

The top picture of your post is a fast and furious movie player that tells about theft by stealing money made by Paul the walker of the o'brian and "han" actors.
I love the movie because dangerous adega is often shown in the movie

For most people the money is like everything to him, it does not matter how he gets it that important he has the money

this is actually very detrimental to people, if we can to understand this, and don't be fooled 2 times, don't make a mistake for the second time

Buenas noche amigo saludos desde Venezuela. Bendiciones y mucha suerte

From mistakes one learns and sounds something that repeats a lot, but it is true.

In my online business I met a client who disappeared without paying me a Seo writing service.

What I did was learn and now I charge half in advance before I start writing or managing their social networks. Good post

Great reading your post, in Nigeria they accepts the notes clean or dirty as long as it's original

And he never knew why you stopped doing business with him

Buenas noche saludos desde Venezuela espero que se encuentre bien hasta luego

Sin confianza no hay nada. Lastimosamente este tipo de situaciones son muy frecuentes. Saludos @done


Thank you for your upvote in my comment. If you remove it and vote my last poetry it would be better. Agradeido con usted.

Existe gente que siempre quiere pasarse de vivo sobre todo cuando se trata de dinero, tengo una terrible experienci con un cheque que rebotó y el dueño se espumo, que no quisiera recordar pero siempre me encuentro con historias, muy similares !

You stay focused @done, do not get affected with the environment and many people who want you to be happy and healthy. resteem let everyone read and listen to this great post.

Yes this is a very good explanation from you @done, I like the words from you "who pinched me, maybe it will not happen". I think, honesty and trust is the key to everything.

well time teaches us everything with experiences for sure

Este tipo de situaciones se ven muy amenudo en mi país, hay personas que creen darselas de vivos haciendo este tipo de cosas. Una vez que nos pasa descartamos cualquier posibilidad de volver hacer negocios con ellos. Es muy lamentable por lo que pasaste, personas como esas son de bajesa humana. La confianza jamás volverá a ser la misma.

se la impotencia que se siente al ser engañado,con este tipo de actitudes mucho es lo que se pierde, que lo que se gana,de algo estoy segura es que de la justicia divina nadie escapa.Gracias por compartir.Saludos

Las experiencias definitivamente nos pueden poner mas en alerta y al mismo tiempo, en lo personal creo que nos restan tranquilidad. Saludos Done...

Bad character traits showned by your neighbour and here were I reside in dirty bills are also returned don't know why

How u doing

De verdad que no imagino como puede sentirse, pero le puedo decir que todo ocurre por algo, y si este vecino le hizo esto de darle dolare falsos se que el lo pagara de alguna manera, pero tengamos paz que todo estara bien¡¡

Well sir I know very well what is happening since I have been cheated several times, the first time was with a shirt sale I was paid for dollars and after a few days I received a note that the buyer asked for a refund so I lost my money, then it was for the platforms that promised to give me some bitcoin if I invested capital in that time was 0.05 btc and the platform disappeared completely.

Since then I have focused on helping people not to fall into the scams and denounce frauds in my country because in Venezuela because of the crisis so large have robbed many people.

I hope you can somehow recover your money, remember that there is a God who observes us at the top and the reward will be great for everyone who does good.

Note: I am using a translator since I do not speak English I hope my message arrives and is understandable.

Many times you have to give a vote of faith in people. It never hurts because the losses do not really end up trusting for the one who trusts but for the one who breaks the trust that little by little is left without doors that can touch, on the other hand of each error we learn to identify the cheaters until we identify them with only a light conversation. I regret that situation will happen that loss is rewarded triple with faith

  ·  작년

All were fine, but they paid me less for the bills that were old, stained, or had writing on them

For real? Where i come from, it doesn't matter if the bills are old, stained or had writing on them. As long as they aren't fake, the value remains the same.

Good to read your story, I'm guessing he never really figured out why you stopped doing business with him.

  ·  작년

I am guessing he knows exactly why. Someone had to put all that tape around the edges to make it feel like other dollars.

People act without thinking of the future still wondering why

  ·  작년

I like the vision you have of things, detached but consistent. I think it's the best we can do to avoid falling into anxiety. In the end everything is ephemeral.

  ·  작년

@done good to see you pubicar. I really regret what you had to go through. Something similar happened to me in Argentina. There is a problem with the internet. A couple of years ago proposed me to make an investment and buy our own antennas and be the owners of the signal and we could sell even to other neighbors. Fortunately, the investment was not too much. 300.00 dollars, the question is that the bishops never arrived according to the transpote stayed with them.
with 300 dollars I learned to know a neighbor
I wish you a great day

Es lamentable que hayas tenido que pasar por situación así y son experiencias que todos en algún momento pasamos y de los errores se aprenden.

Well here in Venezuela we talk a lot with phrases and one of them is "mistakes are learned" and maybe even though it was a mistake to trust a neighbor, but it was the mistake of doing what he did, he does not know what was It is a mistake to lose the trust of a close person. I imagine that you recovered multiplied what you lost for being a fair person and even learned more than when it comes to money should not be trusted or your neighbors.


If so, many people do not realize the value of having confidence in someone and being transparent, they do not mind losing it for the money ... Thank God it was rewarded and you recovered what you lost

Having a fake money in possession is punishable and is dangerous too but an untrustworthy neighbor can be as dangerous @done


LOL that's funny.
But the damaged bills can be exchanged in any bank, just look for the bank manager.

In the same way I think, I help people but when they do something like that, I close the doors, I keep trying but they do not count on me for favors that have gone badly for me.

  ·  작년

Unfortunate that he has gone through this situation, but those bad people are punished by God sooner or later his time comes.
As long as you are blessed and win, I assure you that sooner or later that person will fall to the bottom.
God gives every human being what he deserves and you are a good person.

Well it is unfortunate that there are people who like to cheat others ... I have always said "a favor is not needed just once, you will need that person", that is to say that in some other occasion that person goes to need Some favor from you, that person will already have the doors closed by swindler, I like the last sentence and had not thought about it, I know how much your neighbor is worth ... I applaud this phrase and I liked it:

I lost four dollars and found out what my neighbor is worth.

Es lamentable como cada día abundan estas cosas, gente mal agradecida. Me agrada leer tus post tan sinceros y reflexivos. En parte algo que me engancha es saber un poco detrás de esa persona que es Done, genial estaré por acá adepta.

Hi @done anecdotes of life. Thank you for trusting us and writing a little about yourself. It is imperative that the abuse of trust occurs, but that leaves us with lessons learned. I am a little ashamed to know that the person may be from my country.

  ·  작년

Qué mal que hayas pasado por esta situación, pero seguramente no permitirás que te vuelva a suceder. Hay un dicho que me decía mi abuela: "No hay mejor trampa que quedar bien con las personas"

Money is like everything for most people how to get it too easily, a lot of effort will definitely produce what will be sought

Everyone has a way of earning money, is it kosher or cunning by lying to others, but for me money does not affect anything in life as long as I am happy with simplicity

Actually your post is about the emotions reflected in the money, if right now many people are seeing what to do with their bills due to the difficulty of them

I've heard the wise word about money that says "no money no women" and also can not have fun

Various ways are done to earn money such as working, stealing, robbing a bank, or gabbling others

Talking about money is something to be reckoned with because money is so important to life, a way to earn money is to work hard

If money is king then life is the choice that must be taken properly.
People who have a lot of money is cocky because of his wealth he can do anything

  ·  작년

there are people who walk around the world scamming others, it's sad to see that there are people who do not care about this type of behavior, but really those people, even though they feel they win, actually lose more, if they need it Good reference, you should not have it because nobody will believe in them ... The important thing is to learn from those experiences, which are bitter not because of the money that was lost, because that is remedied, but that feeling of having been scammed ... But good God is great and rewards those of good heart like you ... What a good story ... Greetings from Venezuela

Every individual wants money because he's a great person, but I think money is just a daycare from God

looking for money like looking for women if we diligently search for it we definitely get it

Most crypto currency revenues are used for strange things, some even use them as bets, sometimes there are also those who use crypto money income to open a business such as opening a restaurant, contributing to the poor

Crypto is a currency that is much sought after by most people, for additional living funds for them, some of them are mostly looking for side money in profitable applications such as steem, youtube, instagram, or any other type of application

Crypto money is money that is sought after by most internet users, because this type of money is relatively easy to get if we have high knowledge abilities we certainly get good results

One of the most beautiful

If now many people are already making money in every application such as steem youtube and others. but now many people are looking for crypto currencies, such as bitcoin, ethrereum, litecoin, or whatever it is a soaring advancement in social media

In fast & furious movies, a group of people trying to steal money in one bank was banned from a toretto or dom and brian, the money they took came from the Brazilian mafia

playing with coins does not damage the wallet and is not at risk with counterfeit money

Hey @done see my other comment in this post pls.

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Somehow, the death of money is happening for real.

The money generated from the crypto generates dollars that we can exchange in the crypto calculator, so we easily get money without having to work hard if we have knowledge about the internet.

Excellent publication! Supporting your initiative

Postingan uang sangat menarik saya sangat suka dengan postingan anda @done

postingan yang keren dan cerita yang bagus, saya dengar sangat kagum dengan anda @done

Good post @done sangat menarik

Postingan yang sangat menarik saya sangat suka dengan postingan anda @done

Good post sangat akurat dan menarik @done

I think good money is obtained lawfully, because if we give money that is not lawful to our families, for example money from theft, then our children will definitely have genes from us who like to steal the rights of others