Make Friend Not Enemy

3년 전

I called up my friend and asked where is he going. He answered with that he was going to his office.
I told him that I am sick and was going to doctor and disconnected the phone.
After some time I got the call from my friend and he said that is standing outside my house.
I was really suprised that he took off the office just for the purpose that I was not well.. I along with him went to the doctor and returned soon..

But a question was still coming up ib my mind that why did he do like that. How someone can miss his office just for a person.

Why did he do it??
Its simple for a true friend the first priority is only the friend.
Its really easy to make friend but to get a best friend you really need to work hard.
You really have to do hard work to gain trust of soemone.
I am really lucky to have such a friend.

Here also we should make friends. Though we are of different countries and communities also but at the end we all are working here on this platform together.
Lets make friends.
I am going to start a discird channel do that we may be able to chat with each other and share feelings..

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