The strongest class in the online game World of Warcraft

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What is the strongest class in the online game World of Warcraft? How to choose wow boost character? This question torments almost every player of this MMO, but no one can give an exact answer to it, because the Blizzard studio has sharpened the balance between the classes so much that almost every one of them can become a death machine in capable hands.

Before you begin to argue which class is stronger and which is weaker, I will just tell you a bit of history and share my opinion on this topic: - At the very beginning of the WoW classic, horns were considered the strongest classes, as they could destroy the enemy even using naked your control skills. - In Burning Crusade, warlocks were the best characters for a long time. - In the Lich King add-on, the Knights of Death were the strongest at first. It was the first developer experience in creating heroic classes, but with time the Death Knights balanced. “But starting with the Cataclysm addon wow power leveling 110-120, there are no clear leaders, as the developers keep a more or less fair balance in the project.”

This also applies to the current add-on Mists of Pandaria. In general, if you start looking for information on the Internet, which class in World of Warcraft is the strongest? You will be confused since you will not receive an explicit answer. Each new article will tell you that the magician is the best, but in another article, it will be a horn, and in the third monk, etc. In simple words, there is no such thing as a strong and weak class in this game! Each class requires its own style and tactics from the player, but in order to choose such a class for yourself, you first need to give answers to such questions. What style of play I prefer: support, attack, control, pve boost, etc.

Will I be able to cope with the complexity of the game for this hero? Also, you will have to learn how to choose the right equipment for your character, focusing on your build and style of play. If you decide correctly and choose the most appropriate class for your style of play, then I can assure you that in the future you will say that this particular class is the strongest in the online game World of Warcraft!

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