Auto vinyl: pros and cons

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The easiest way to transform your car is with vinyl wrap sheets for cars, which will help protect your car and at the same time reflect your personality without painting the car.

With the increase in demand for the service, many options for colors, shades of coverage and textures have appeared on the market. For example, there are matte, glossy and even chrome.

In this article, we'll walk you through car vinyl and the factors to consider when making your final decision.

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The advantages of covering auto vinyl wrap are obvious:

Whether you want to create a completely new look, or have a crazy-colored body finish, film is the perfect option. It is much easier to apply than the original painting;
In case you damage the film, you can simply drag 1 element without worrying about the rest of the case. Compared to repainting an element, you don't have to wait a week while the work is in progress.
The vinyl film protects the original cover of the machine and is completely removable. Think of it as a skin for your laptop or a silicone cover for your phone.
Another advantage is that the pasting does not wear out the original paint and, accordingly, money is saved on car detailing. This is especially beneficial if you plan to resell your car in the future. When you free the car by removing the vinyl, the paint underneath is in the same state it was on the day it was pasted. Thus, on the day of sale, you have the factory paint on your car. In this case, pasting is much better than painting - a repainted car reduces its value due to concerns about a possible previous accident.
Many of the styles that the owner wishes to use for their car cannot be reproduced by the paintwork. Vinyl coverings come in a variety of colors and shades. They can have different finishes: matte, glossy, matte metallic, chrome and even leather. After work, the surface cannot be distinguished from the paint;
By simply removing the film, you can restore the original color of the car.
Paint will deteriorate easily, while vinyl is more durable and harder to scratch. If there is a need for repair, the defective part can be easily replaced with a new one. At the same time, having selected the perfect match with the previously pasted parts;
Also vinyl will hide chips and scratches.
Despite all the advantages, the coating can harm a car. This is the following disadvantages:

It is easy to spoil the look of your car with poorly adhered car wrap. Cheap services or materials can cause the surface to appear bubbly, cheap, and torn around the edges;
Unskilled technicians can leave deep scratches on the paint of a car by cutting the sheets directly on the body and not on a special table .
If the vinyl on the car is not glued correctly, water can get under it, which will lead to the centers of corrosion.
Even if you have a professional car wrap, you might have problems. Bird droppings can corrode vinyl much faster than regular paint. You may also find that the brushes and bristles used in the car wash deteriorate the appearance of the finish, so gentle and regular cleaning is recommended;
Also remember that pasting a car with a color not specified in the TCP is considered a modification, so you will need to register the changes in the vehicle's technical passport.
It's time to decide which method to use to improve the look of your car.

You already have a good paint finish and want to protect it for future resale;
You want trendy designs or advertising graphics and don't want to paint them to order;
You want the job to be done in days, not weeks;
You may want to change the design frequently;
You are looking for extra durability, especially if you live in climates where the car's coating can be damaged especially quickly;
As a general rule of thumb , if the paint on your car is good, you apply vinyl wrap. If the condition of the base coat is poor, you paint.

The priorities and goals for different car owners are unique. We all have our own personal aesthetic preferences for our vehicles. The bright, futuristic look may appeal to some of you and alienate others. You may also not be very worried about the appearance, but only the elimination of defects.

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