Balla And The Boy

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As we await the crypto winter to wear off, somewhere in Africa, Senegal to be precise, the tail i will say wants to wag the Dog.

Balla Gaye is no new to my blog for those who have been following me on this platform. However, Boy Niang 2 has never feature in any of my blogs here, steemit, scorum or on any of my blogs on other platforms.
images (6).jpeg Balla Gaye 2 (Google Sourced Image).
As his name implies, BOY Niang 2 did not feature on my blogs simply because he is still an upstart when and where the Kings of grappling appeared on the horizon and when Lions of the arena walked the soft sands.
Wonders as they say shall never end, boy Niang 2 is trowing up a challange against a top dog, one of the gladiators of traditional wrestling and a former king of the arena, in the person of Balla Gaya 2.
images (4).jpeg Boy Niang 2 (Google Sourced Image).

Perhaps because both wrestlers bear the number 2 after their names, the Boy thinks that he may as well try his luck against the imposing and monstrous figure of Balla.
As it is right now, numerous wrestlers have written off Boy for the challenge, in fact some wrestling analyst consider it a joke. It is the feeling and perception of the generality of wrestlers that the two are not equally matched. Strange as the whole saga may seem, wrestling amateurs on the other hand are pushing and demanding for a face off between the duo.
images (3).jpeg Boy Niang 2 (Google Sourced Image).

As they say "the ball is in your court", It remains to be seen whether Balla will demote himself and fight a foe from a lower division. In the event that this fight takes place, i am sure it will open up opportunities and privileges that otherwise were not accorded fighters from the lower division. Chiefly among which i suspect, may be increase in appearance fees and accelerated promotion from middleweight to the heavyweight division.

images (5).jpeg Balla Gaye 2 (Google Sourced Image).
I for one do not consider Niang 2 a threat in any way to a veteran like Balla, but anything can happen in the simple circle of the arena. I think an upset is far away from it, but who knows whether the marabous have spoken differently this time around.


It has been like four months since posted a content on this blog, i wish things will go back to the way they were at the beginning. I remembered how selfless most users were, but somehow and surprisingly things took different turns, greed and bots took over. I can see things beginning to turn for the better and it is my hope and prayer that the momentum remains like this to when steem moons again

Sincerely @izge.


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