The complexities of the heart, Not your regular love story

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It was a pretty rainy day and john had just packed up 4 his departmental conference when emeka his friend suggested to him that they should go look for girls to interract with on their national group chat so that it will be easier to relate with the girls during the conference but little did john know that it was this decision that that changes everything and he would meet the one who will capture his heart. John and emeka started chatting girls up like two days ahead of the conference because emeka had the believe that he will find the love of his life there.
On that faithful tuesday evening after numerous attempts, Cynthia finally replied John, cynthia was a very beautiful lady, she was light in complexion, slim and salacious in shape with lips and eyes that made her look like a goddess. John was dazzled after she replied him and she sounded so friendly and intelligent, he thought to himself if this was a dream or a guy trying to prank him with the most gorgeous lady he has ever seen in his life because truly her beauty could be compared with that of snow white but John knew he was no prince charming. John had strategise on ways to get to the heart of this newly found snow white from abia State but he needed them to connect on several issues because it was as though he had found the love of his life and nobody could convince him otherwise because to him love is way more than what you see, its actually what one feels despite how it may look to others.
John had perfect plans for his abia state Snow white during the conference but little did he knw that fate is usually against the best love stories except both parties pull pass their obstacles.During the conference Cynthia's hotel was in a very different direction from the one John decided to lodge in but what will this couple do to make their love a force that will reckon all odds against them as they are literally in two different states, will love conquer it all or will fate and reality end that which never begun
To be continued

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true fact once you havent gone crazy then its not love

Yes love is such a beautiful thing

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