Education; an eye opener.


I met with a guy, an electrician, who used to help us repair our electricity whenever it is faulty today after a long time when I was riding my bicycle. Normally, if not for the curfew I wouldn't have ridden the bike beyond our street, but because the movement of a vehicle on the highway has reduced greatly. I took the courage by riding it on the highway anyway and stopped at a shop, where I was able to get myself an American movie with the title SWAT, though I still saw some vehicles down the street, although, the number was relatively small compared the normal day when there is no curfew.


He didn't acquire his skill in the four walls of the classroom. He got it at a roadside workshop. He is skillful nevertheless, as I have seen most of his works but he doesn't have education which makes many people look down on him as someone who couldn't handle the job, so he is often paid less compared contractor that will, later on, use someone like him to handle the job as their own task is mostly supervision. With this, I believe Education opens our eyes to so many things I would have asked him to join is here, but he couldn't write nor speak English.

No matter how expensive an education is, ignorance is costly.

There is still locked down in some states in Nigeria. however, the governor, in my state, decided to imposed curfew from dusk to dawn as against total shut down of activities as we have in other neighboring states in the country.


I personally have been indoor, I couldn't go for work like before Nor go for my networking training. All I could do was taken online courses specifically on CCNA in preparation for my oncoming examination. If this coronavirus pandemic that has been tormenting the whole world could go into extinction and let the US have our peace then I can write the examination after everything die down.


This is where I spent most of the day since the outbreak of the pandemic. The sad part of it is that one doesn't know when this coronavirus pandemic will be eradicated or controlled as the number of the affected victim keeps increasing every now and then.

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Your content is great broh... But maybe try to bold some words and make captions for the paragraphs or write you title in capital letter or each letter with a capital infront like.

This Was A Good Day.

This might help you to get noticed by the bigger curators... A little effort goes along way..

Anyways mad love and mad respect broh

But overall great content structure


Thanks buddy. I will take the advice.

Hello, have you been credited from steemexchange. ?