the life of a medical student #the call +video +pictures

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Yeah, its what all young people want, to be a medical doctor. But hey!, the journey is not a tarred road. The journey is crookedand rough with a lot of obstacles, you reach a point you don't know whether to continue or go back. But there is no going now, just keep pushing until you shout "mama, I made it".

We are on call tonight, during a posting in obstetrics and gynaecologic department, Which is suppose to last for 3months. During the day, we were in the theatre for some Caesarean section and myomectomy, but its a story for another day. After standing through the day and now we are on call to night, no time to rest. Well, no much patients today but the one's around kept us on our toes. The woman is shouting due to painful uterine contraction in labour but the woman is still in latent phase. We stayed awake through the night because of the woman and yet we didn't delivery the baby. We had to hand over to the next set, who finally delivery the baby.

Some picture of my colleagues... Lol..
Pls don't laugh😂😂😂

This is me below.
To be cont......
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That is a pretty challenging course. But you should know that your course save lives. So stay focus and keep going...

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nice post from @grace234

Looking at your pictures, it is not reallyeasy to be a medical student. It requires a lot of patience, dedication, determination and strong will. Upvoted and resteemed by rubelynmacion

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