Preparing my ass for the GMAT | Possibly the hardest test I've taken

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Yeah, that's supposed to be my concentration face, comfy outfit, serious gaze and overall tired attitude.

For the past week all I've been doing is Steem stuff, some excercise, taking care of my puppies and on every spare second I have, preparing for this test. A test that will define if I'm good enough to attend any of the top universities in the world. An examen that will be key to what I do for the next 10 years of my life - don't worry, Steem is on that agenda no matter what happens on the test - and wether I like it or not, a test that will have an impact on my life in more than just a few ways.

The GMAT is the test that every blue pilled, controlled by the system normie takes when they want to major in Business, Economics, Finance or any of those Gradute degrees. Not every University requires you to take the GMAT, but most of the European ones do, especially when you want to major with them, wether it is as a Master of Science or to get an MBA

This test evaluates how fit you are to study at a graduate level in english, testing your skills in Analytical writing, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning and quantitative reasoning, the four main skills you must have to succeed in business - according to the traditional schooling system that is.


This particular test is possibly the hardest I have ever taken, not only because of it's lenght and trick questions, but also because I'm going to be competing against the top Korean, Chinese, Indian and European students to get into one out of three of the best Business Schools in Europe.

The test not only evaluates how skilled you are on this subjects, but also how well you reason and use logic to reach answers that most people don't. For startes, the questions are in english, so if you don't have a C2 english level it's highly probable that you won't be able to answer most of them, especially because they are worded so one little word changes the meaning of the whole question and the answer depends on your interpretation, which is different on every case.

The test works with percentiles, meaning and a special algorithm that fixes questions for you depending on how well you answer the previous questions. This means that the harder questions you answer correctly, you will get even harder questions and if you answer incorreclty, you will have a penalty reducing your overall score. The percentile part means that it doesn't matter how well you do on the test (200-800 score), but how well you do compared to other test takers, and these test takers are getting better year after year; this means that, for example, a test taker that in 2010 got a score of 650, in 2019 that score would be worth around 570 (just an estimate to exemplify). So yeah, I have to gitgud, really good.

Which is why my afternoon looked like this, and most likely it will be comprised of this, steem and puppy poop:

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I took this test 7 years ago but it was an unofficial one that my employers back when I was in corporate made me do to asses if I was top talent material and I was worth investing in. I got a 660 without any preparation - and I was top talent material, whatever that means - so when I decided I wanted to study a Masters and I saw I needed to have a GMAT score of more than 550 to get into Europe's univiersities I thought to myself piece of cake but, turns out that if you want to apply for a scholarship (even though the score is not mentioned but highly implied) you need to get at least a 650-700 score to be even considered for it, so naturally I'm aiming for 720.

This means I have to study, or at least dust my brain off so I'm fully prepared for this challenge against the chinese and the indians who are worldwide known for acing this test.

Today I took my first test simulation to see how good I am doing and well, I couldn't be happier considering that I still need a lot of prep to do and to be honest I haven't had much time to study, understand concepts and get used to the quesiton format, tricky grammar and the race against the clock.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-26 at 5.18.25 AM.jpeg

This is good, very good if you ask me, but I'm not sure it'll be good enough to get a scholarship for the 40k Euro tuition for any of the Business Schools I have in mind.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but no scholarship means no Masters for this nomad.

So I guess I'll keep trying, getting ready and putting my hoodie on, headphones up, serious gaze in and tired attitude within until I get a 780/800 in the test simulator, which will give me enough confidence so in the test date, I nail my 720.

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You look like you have tried harder for the selfie as for the exam. 😁😎

Good luck with it! Even if I think that you will rock this.

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It was actually the only picture I took of myself, didn't want to upload it but I thought the hoodie was neat 😅

Thanks man, I hope I can nail this as a 1% percentile, we'll see.

You're not smiling lol that shows how serious this GMAT might be lol. I wish you good luck though.


I'm tired as hell! I usually try to smile on the pics I take for steem but this one hmm, I just wasn't able to :P


Hahaha yeah you do. Sorry for vandalizing your post but ocd hardly votes my quality posts again, I'm I blacklisted?

Good game face bro! Good luck with the preparation and the exam.

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Thanks man! Really hoping to get this over with so I can focus in other stuff!

I wish you all the best in your GMAT test. Sure, GMAT is not an easy test in all fairness but I believe you've got what it takes to succeed and bag a scholarship. I'll be taking GRE in December, so I have a bit of idea of how hard the tests is - although GMAT, as I am told, is the hardest. Cheers!

Wow, looks pretty comprehensive! I don't think I've sat an exam since I finished university... On the other hand I guess every recital and performance is a test of ability.

But not a formal shift down and write sort of thing...


Yeah me neither, it's been a long time haha. Yeah the state of mind must be pretty similar, and the preparation, so I'm pretty sure you get what I'm talking about haha.


Yep... it's pretty much the same... minus the real-time public humiliation if things go wrong!

You get enough practice writing stuff here, that will help lot...but that picture of yours... wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alley ;)


For sure, I wouldn't want to meet me either :P
The problem with writing on steem (or anywhere where it's not formal writing) is that I ramble too much and my writing style is not professional and more friendly and humorous, so all I have to do is be able to change my mindset and writing style whenever I do tests like this one. See you in a few days man!


The problem with writing on steem (or anywhere where it's not formal writing) is that I ramble too much and my writing style is not professional and more friendly and humorous

I know, but it helps if you do any of it. Before I joined I had never written anything outside school. You do get better at it with practice.

Yes.. see you soon :)

You have figured out blockchain and crypto
What’s GMAT 😉

You will do great
Wishing you all the best


Oh I wouldn't say I have figured out Bchain and even less figured crypto hahaha but I defend myself. I'm not nervous, I'm just conscious I'll have a lot of competition so I gotta be prepared 💪

Thanks for dropping by!


Wishing you the best

You can only do the best you can do, and hopefully it will be good enough :)


Right on, here's for hoping it's enough!

Good luck

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best of luck

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I'm sure you'll ace this too. Not sure when you're taking the exam, but I'll be rooting for ya! Which colleges did you have in mind in Europe?


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