I hear you

3년 전


Are you feeling gloomy today?

No worries, I’ll talk to you and you might start feeling better.

Many people have told me that if we share our sorrows then it assuages our sadness. I am a bit skeptical about this theory but we will find out how true it is after our conversation is over. Because to tell you the truth even I am a bit sad today and if talking to each other makes both of us feel any better then what people say is actually true!

So let’s start.

I’ll start by sharing my side of the story and then you can follow. Actually the thing is that I am not momentarily sad. I am sad all the time with short bursts of happiness in between. Yeah I know it’s weird but so am I. What happens is that whenever I see another person or interact with them I suddenly become happy for the time period I am with them. And as soon as I say goodbye, BAM! the sadness creeps back in. And people don’t suspect that am I sad because while I am with them I am happy as a clam.

So what do you think what’s wrong with me? Am I depressed? Well for that let’s have a look at the formal definition of depression as stated by Rollo May i.e “Depression is the inability to see a future”. Interesting! Isn’t it? Well if we go according to him then more than half of my friends are depressed because even they are not sure about their future and they are just blindly following the norms of the society. But I don’t think they are depressed, I see them happy all the time I am with them. Wait! what? are they just happy when they are with friends, are they like me?

Maybe, it’s possible or maybe they are happy even when they are alone. So how do you stay happy even without connecting or socializing with other people? Hmm. By being alone you are the only one you can talk to and spend time with. Well not talking to yourself because that would look weird. What I mean to say is that you should be happy alone within your mind. Which I am clearly not and maybe you are not too. And maybe we will never be.

Maybe happiness was never meant for people like us.

Maybe we have a bigger purpose than just being happy.

Maybe that purpose is to make others happy.

Because if I induce even a little happiness in this world I’ll be content even though I am sad.

All of this is just a big ‘Maybe’ but it does give hope even though it’s a false one.

Oh sorry, I didn’t realize I didn’t give you time to hear your side of the story. You can start now. I am listening. I hear you.

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Welcome to the platform, I wish everything work out for you. It’s not easy here but not difficult neither but just ask an extra effort, engagement is the key good luck I’m @enel Start by following people and they will do the same.


Hi, thank you so much. Looking forward towards interacting with a great community. Followed! :D

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