You Write It - A Fiction Writing Experiment

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Calling all writers and would-be writers. You can exercise your skills and have some fun with this!

I have today (3/17/18) completed posting the serialization of a fiction novel that I wrote a few years ago entitled A Stranger Death. I have the first couple of chapters written of a followup novel, and this is where I think we can all have some fun writing the rest of the novel.

On Monday (3/19/18) I will post the first chapter of the new novel, with the second chapter following the next day. Thereafter it will be up to you to write or outline the next chapter. I will select the best entry and post it as the third chapter. This practice will be repeated until the novel is completed.

If you haven't been reading A Stranger Death you might want to read it between now and Tuesday to familiarize yourself with the contextual story line.


Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5 | Ch 6 | Ch 7 | Ch 8 | Ch 9 | Ch 10 | Ch 11 | Ch 12 | Ch 13 | Ch 14 | Ch 15 | Ch 16 | Ch 17 | Ch 18 | Ch 19 | Ch 20 |

This is an excellent chance for both established and would-be authors to exercise their writing skills. Show the world (well, Steemit, anyway, for the time being) what you can do.

The idea is that you read each chapter and then post your ideas for the next chapter in the Reply section of the post. As I said above, these could be an outline only or the full chapter - your choice. Whatever happens I hope you decide to take part so that we can see where this goes. Who knows what we are all capable of.


I would appreciate your comments on the idea and, in order to get this out to as many people as possible, I would be forever in debt to those who choose to resteem the post.


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Resteeming, because this is such a gutsy idea, and I'm curious to see what kind of results you get. Hey, maybe I'll even take a stab at it. Could be fun!


Thanks for your comments. I hope you are able to take part.

Cool idea. I will be posting the last chapter of my 3rd novel on Steemit on Tuesday (it's the third novel I've written, out of four completed novels, but the first I've posted on Steemit....I've published the others on Amazon). I don't know if I could turn over my characters to other people like that. I'm too attached to them. Unless, of course, it was for a TV or movie deal, and then I'd be happy to let others write for them. :)

Good luck with your contest. It's a really unique idea.


Thank you for your comments. We'll just have to see how it goes.

Resteemed. I hope this gets more contestants for you.

Really good! I'm going to resteem right away. I hope I'll have enough time to participate as well.


Look forward to you taking part if possible.

I like the idea! I resteemed it.


Thank you.

Luar biasa


Extraordinary it may be, but hopefully also successful.

This sounds very interesting. I missed the first novel from the beginning and I am pressed on time to read the entire thing from the start but I will not miss this one.
I will participate as much as I can.


Hopeful you will have the time to participate.

That's an awesome idea! I'm keen to take part!


I look forward to your participation.

What an awesome and daring idea. I've resteemed. Looking forward to seeing how this will turn out.


That makes 2 of us!