Journey of The Giant Teddy


Journey of the Giant Teddy Bear

This is a story based on how I got the giant teddy and it's all from his perspective.
I was grabbed roughly and pulled out of darkness by a man I was then put into some brightly lit place and put beside several other large soft things after several more big creatures like me I didn't see any more light. I lost track of what was happening and occasionally felt more people talk and sometimes grab other large creatures beside me. Occasionally someone would add more large creatures like me in my box. What felt weeks passed I eventually gave up hope as I began to think I must not be loved enough. Then one fateful day I could hear a lady moving my box she picked up the pink giant teddy bear.
She said "Ugh it's pink" then tossed it aside and continued digging then I heard something else.
She said , "This one's too stiff." Holding the rainbow colored creature she shoved it aside and then she grabbed the white creature closest to me and said something else.
"This sucker will get dirty too quickly." She then jammed several other smaller ones aside then grabbed me.
She then said, "this one's perfect." She roughly jammed me into her cart and moved away she continued to have me in the cart as she shopped. She dropped several items on me and then we headed outside my new owner almost got lost to the wind. There was a cold wind and wet stuff hitting us. This is when she held me tighter and then trotted towards a dark shelter like structure. She then got on a strange and noisy thing plopped me down beside her and we traveled for a while. Then we got to a spot where there was more strange and noisy things she picked me up and took me towards a different strange and noisy thing. We got on she jammed me onto a seat and then stood while she talked with a friend we traveled for quite some time. Then she got off the strange noisy thing and walked for a little while more in this cold with me. She brought me to her home and took me inside to a man who was extremely excited to see me and proceeded to plop me down beside him. I am now sleeping beside this human couple and am quite happy.
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