Jun'tarka's Adventures Part.1

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This is a story about a half-orc girl named Jun'tarka and she lives in a city called Ravnica. This is her backstory I hope to delve into this character and provide you with more stories about her and maybe even art one day. She is my own original character that I made up.

       Jun’tarka spent her first 8 years of her life with her mother and father living in the Rubblebelt before the tolerant clan leader was killed by the new clan leader. Tarujark despised humans and their offspring with orcs he viewed them as weak. Often if Jun’tarka was found by the other larger orc children she would get pushed or bullied. Her father would step in and the leader disliked this a great deal he felt if she wasn’t weak she could take it.Tarujark would often also mistreat the father as well working him to the bone.
       After a year of enduring this the few humans that were there decided to challenge the leader. Tarujark had two rules they had to pick one challenger, and that there was no interference from anyone. Tarujark also told them if they lost they would be purged(their homes burned and exiled)from the clan so they no longer could stain the clan. The fight went down and it lasted less than a minute Tarujark kicked the human as hard as he could in the ribs and he collapsed. The leader laughed victoriously he then instructed their homes to be lit up and then he grabbed the others who proposed this challenge to him and hit all of them several times. Her mother ran with Jun’tarka and the father away from the clan with just what they had to the closest Selesnya temple.
Selesnya took them in as one of their own. Jun’tarka listened to the messages of their temples but she still didn’t feel accepted or wanted. She eventually left the conclave at 14 and decided to try things on her own.
       She wandered in search of a place where she could feel accepted. She wandered around for 5 years she experienced homeless off and on. One day while wandering she found a Rakdos member harming a giant weasel she decided to step in and try to fight the member for the weasel, in the end, she was too late to save the older weasel but it had a tiny pup and it came out of hiding afterwords. She wasn’t sure how to take care of it but it seemed happy enough with her.
       After a couple of years wandering with her weasel they ended up in the undercity and got attacked by a giant spider and several small spiders crawling all over her. The weasel tried defending her but got hurt in the process, she ended up going back to Selesnya to figure out what to do with her weasel.
       There was an elf back at the conclave who taught her how to use magic to heal her weasel and to bond with it properly.She thanked the elf but said that she must continue her wanderings as she still hasn’t found what she was looking for.
       One day while wandering near the Rubblebelt a wild beast came and attacked her and badly wounded her she struggled to move or do anything. The last thing she saw before she lost consciousness was her weasel running and everything after went black.
      She woke up in a bed that was soft and warm something she hadn’t felt since her temple days. This is when she met the Doctor and Sawyer the man who saved her.While still recovering she talked with the Doctor about life and death and she eventually discovered religion.

If everyone enjoyed this please leave some comments about what you want to know next about Junkarta and her adventures.
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Hi artsygoddess,

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Keep going and continue the story. Some areas could use a bit more information and elaboration.

My question: Her weasel was injured protecting her from spiders, so they went back to the temple for healing and also learned some healing. But she was wandering for about 3 years. I'm guessing then, that she didn't go too far from the temple. How far / long of a journey was it to get back (in terms of days)?

What an awesome way for your character to discover the powers of magic within herself! I hope to read more adventures from Junkarta and her weasel.

hi dear @artsygoddess, the adventures of junkarta go very fast !! what will the killer whale do with religion? is it a religion of fish or humans? keep on, congratulations on your curie vote

Interesting story, Junkarta went through several paths to find herself, I would love to continue reading your stories. I congratulate you on your art and your curie vote.

I did enjoy reading a lot but the character Jun'tarka was not clearly defined. Jun'tarka is a character in the story but you focused more on contextualizing the environment where he grew up. However, this is the first part. Gradually you can present more characteristics of this half-orc girl. A cordial greeting @artsygoddess