You don't know it, till you feel it!

3년 전

Maybe this random maybe this not, I don't know what it is , it might be from my thoughts or from a movie that I saw or coz of the girl I met at the pub idk. I don't know what this strange feeling is, a sense of peace within me. A sense of felling light. No other thought than just being there, happy and present. Maybe that's what love is?
A drug, a feeling, a strange sensation within. It makes you forget the rest of the world. Time flies and just when you are enjoying the moment, it's over, it's gone just like that!


Walk with me for a moment, we all are different in some nor the other way right ? Just think with me, with all these diversities within and around us, is it not foolish to define love in one way?
Why does it have to be the way you see it? You can feel this towards any person, any thing, dance, music or any job for that matter. But what ever it is, stick to it, make it work no matter how hard it gets, coz remember that's what makes your heart beat. That's the reason we call this world a home.

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