SELF INVESTMENT... The 3% principle

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Our search for success has taken different dimensions, legally and illegally, neglecting the one place that you can find your answers. The frustration from our search has made many people devastated and thinking that the level of success to be achieved is a function of their environment. Well, It's not a function of your environment or the circumstances in which you find yourselves.

Success could be found if we look at the appropriate places.

I believe that if an individual is successful in the mind, then rest assured that such an individual will be successful on the outside. Simple right? Although It takes someone that is emotionally stable to achieve that. This principle may seem simple but must of us forget this principle when the storm of life comes crushing in, it overwhelms and redirects us.

For some time now I've been writing about leveraging on the power of your mind as it is the greatest asset you have. That is why it is important to properly nourished because it shows on the outside what you've got inside. Like other assets, the mind needs to be continually improved and built upon. The great and famous Abraham Lincoln once said he does not put a man who is not wiser today than yesterday into consideration. In his statement, he narrates that continuous improvement and growth of the mind is necessary if individuals are willing to be outstanding in their endeavours.

INVESTING IN YOUR MIND - knowledge is a huge asset for development

Knowledge distinguishes between living in lack and surplus. The Clear difference between the CEO of a huge establishment and the cleaner in the same company is the level of their knowledge. That means, the CEO knows what the cleaner doesn't know, which is the reason why he earns so much money and is able to employ staffs including the cleaner.

One of the indicators of success is the level of what you know, which is why we must build our minds regularly, that is, what you don't know can be your enemy because it can cause you to fail. It's so sad that people miss this fact, these days people seek to get uplifted or promoted at work, but they shun or ignore the knowledge backed up by the skill that is required to get you to that height. Most businesses need the knowledge of marketing and accounting to do well, but business owners ignore it, you need to have a basic knowledge of things. It's like trying to start a generator without fuel, it won't work. These businesses will keep struggling.

INVESTING IN YOURSELF - utilizing the 3% principle.

According to Brian Tracy, when an individual invests three percent of his earned capital back into himself, he will produce a more efficient result. The idea of investing in yourself is not motivational, business stuff. It can be a tool that enables you to make more and also advances your career. For instance, you are constantly growing your skills and giving more value in whatever field. Your employer will ensure he pays to their top employees more, and if they fail to do so, another company surely will.

How much is 3% to the average professional? If you earn about $60,000, you should aim to invest $3,650 back into yourself annually, or $347.50 each month. Though it may seem like a discouraging number if you are on a tight budget, if you are able to earn higher the following year, you will have almost doubled your 3% investment.


Self-education is totally way beyond the regular classroom learning, what you choose to learn and how to learn is a decision made by the individual. In reality, self-education matters most, formal education is just a very small aspect of learning, we learn more from things we teach ourselves with real-life situations. I know some people that have the highest form of formal education and still struggling with decisions. I'm not saying that formal education is not a bad idea not at all. The problem is that people get stuck with the formal part of learning which is just the foundation, not realising that the combination of both formal and self-education will improve one's thinking and thinking.

Knowledge is a tool that will either enhance or mere you in the pursuit of your dreams.


We have all it takes to be whatever we want to be, know that you must invest in your growth and Surround yourself with positive minds, positivity is contagious. Improve your mind, consistently. Success will follow you and your mind will, in turn, become a magnet of success.

Go on and be what you want to be, you have all it takes...

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