You can hear me, thank you.

2년 전

Yesterday's post received 31 votes.
It means that they hear me.

They hear me!

And it's so amazing, it's like shouting into emptiness, screaming, screaming, already being sure that there is no one and they do not hear me.

And then suddenly a voice came from the void - calm, even, yes, I can hear you.

And this is a confusion. "How, then I'm not alone? So you can talk to someone? So all is not in vain?"

And those numerous things that I wanted to share - suddenly, they disappear somehow

This is disgusting.

Here rise in the questions - What do I really want?
In a literal sense, if I remove everything that I do not like - what do I want?

I love to write, write, I like it.
But write WHAT ?!

I like to describe the details of the intertwining of thoughts, but writing about myself is somehow strange.


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You want to tell us stories :)

W,e humans, are interesting creatures.

We tell stories.
We need to belong, to be accepted.
We are opportunistic.

Combine these traits and what do you get?

A storyteller in a rewarding community

In other words - Steem platform :)

keep the spirit, creativity and imagination
best my regards and nice know you

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Yes we hear you:)

congratulation beautifulklare. i live in korea. which country do you live in?


oh. i have been there. next time i will write article by franch.