Confessions of an Aquatic Surf Mutant

3년 전

I've got to confess and set things straight. About how I became an aquatic surf mutant with green seaweed hair able to live underwater and in space.

My mutation began when I got my 1962 Ford Econoline surf van. I had surfed and been changed since 1993 when I moved to the Florida beach.. But once I got the van, seaweed began to grow out of my head. Girls loved it. I also became able to command all sea creatures and travel time. And received a rocket powered surfboard from a future self. So I was able to surf waves, streets, sky and space with the same hovering rocketboard.

I used my new powers to explore Surf and space. Life was one big cosmic beach party on Florida's amazing "Space Coast." I surfed interstellar stardust seas and surfed waves within waves as dimensions collided and secret wars waged between cosmic empires. I swamp surfed to an aquatronic groove and waved like kelp within the primordial cultural ooze of a new scene.

Thus the legend of the "Surfacabra" - that creature rumored to appear from another world and surf under the full moon (or any other time the surf is good) on Florida's "Space Coast."

An aquatic humanoid who dwells within a secret undersea rocket base and drives a sparkly blue metalflake 1962 Ford Econoline...

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Much less mellow, but equally fun.

Punk Voyager
By Shaenon K. Garrity

Punk Voyager was built by punks. They made it from beer cans, razors, safety pins, and a surfboard some D-bag had left on the beach. Also plutonium. Where did they get plutonium? Around. f*** you.