Modern Day Urashima

11개월 전


Once, when I was cycling on a high road that weaved through the coastal mountains of Japan, a small town suddenly appeared down in the valley to my right. In the brief moment before it disappeared, I saw a house. It was old and brown, and it was pressed up against a cliff. The black tiles on its roof flickered with the sharp light of the sun, which was hanging low, just over the edge of the sea.

Near this house, there was a slight waterfall. It trickled down a rock face to the side of a walking path. The mist from this cascade drifted upward. It made the air in my path damp and heavy. It carried with it an earthy scent of moss and soil.

In the brief space of that moment, I lived another life. Days and weeks passed. I spent years in that house, married to a woman I couldn’t know or see. I tended to the potted bonsai trees on the veranda in rear of the house. I drove an old car in and out of town. I grew old and died near the sea.

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A very creative moment of day dreaming. It’s a joy to have such fantasies and a gift to write them down and earn Steem. I love this life on Steem.
Take care,

How’s life in Japan with Corona? One of my adopted sons lives their, but he has been confined to his military base for over a month!

Hi @boxcarblue
Thank you for your recent vote and support of my blog.

I'm grateful to be here with you in this community, and I hope we'll always be helpful.
And we support each other with love and appreciation.