A Tale of AI Companionship 4/5

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So it was that Corinne and Salla laid out their plans for the humans survivors. As they were both extraordinarily capable AI, their plans rotated around a number of variables. Factoring in diseases, hostile inhabitants, even quality of the air and light made plans shift constantly. And of course, each of the survivor ship’s plan was dependent on how the previous ones fared.

And an exciting time was approaching as the Phoenix moved closer and closer to what would hopefully become a new home world for their humans. These ones would be receiving the least possible assistance from the AI and their ships. Corinne and Salla decided to give them two weeks. Get themselves organized, get over the shock of their home world gone too long ago to do anything about. Allow leaders to emerge. Let them strip the insides of the ship before taking back off with the ship. Keep the ship in orbit, in good condition. One day, they may return.

It was slightly cruel though as there was little chance of the humans moving much of the medical equipment or the wombs for growing livestock. This did not afford them the leisure of deciding when they integrated animals into their plans. A day or two before the ship was set to abandon them, the animals would be ready. Only the necessary ones, of course.

There were some military grade ground and air vehicles with basic medical equipment on board. That would do.

It would be interesting to see how these ones would do compared to the ones who would keep the ship and have it as a ground base for centuries.

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