"High Kill" by @rhondak - Pre-Order now - a candid, brutal, literary tale of Animal Cruelty and a Murder Mystery


Introducing Steemhouse Publishing

This novel was conceived, created, and perfected by a team of Steem users and investors, with new talent coming on board as recently as Steemfest 3 in Krakow. Every detail, from inception to authorship to cover creation to manuscript formatting was contributed by Steemians. We outsourced nothing, right up until the point we submitted the files for print-on-demand publishing. --@rhondak @steemhousepub


Pre-Order your paperback here

@rondak posted at Facebook:

> Two fantastic endorsements for "High Kill--" one from a prosecutor in Virginia who has dealt with a large number of cruelty cases in the course of her career, and another from a former journalist/war correspondent and author whose name you just might recognize. Here's what they had to say. Also, it's a great time to pre-order your paperback copy of "High Kill" from Amazon. Find it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1733604006

In case you missed it:

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Congratulations, Rhonda and company!

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Thank you for this, Carol. So far, pre-sales have been stronger than we expected. Never forget the role you played in whipping this novel into shape. I can't wait to put a copy of it in your hands this May, personally. And brace yourself for a tacklehug. You're going to get one!

We are so excited about the book launch. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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@rhondak congratulations!

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