Common Grammar Mistakes: The use of 'Will' and 'Going to'

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A few days ago, a colleague of mine posted a rant on facebook. I couldn’t get the exact words, because I just heard it from my girlfriend. But the idea of his rant was like this: he is getting pissed of teachers (online English teachers) who are always using ‘will gonna’ when they talk about sentences in the future tense. Well, it is kind of’ dumb if you ask me. But the point here is, it’s grammatically wrong if you use will and gonna together, it will also sound wrong too.

Try reading these:

  1. I will gonna see you tonight.
  2. I will gonna do my homework later.

Why is it grammatically wrong?

It’s because of redundancy. We know that ‘will’ is a helping verb used in future tense sentences; and ‘gonna’ is an informal expression of ‘going to’. ‘Will’ and ‘Going to” are the 2 forms of verbs used in future tenses. So, if you are going to use them together like in this sentence: I will going to do my homework later, then it’s definitely redundant.

The Proper Way

Now we know that it’s definitely a ‘No No’ to use those two words together. Let’s try to use them properly.

Let’s read these:

  1. I am going to play basketball this afternoon.
  2. I will travel to Singapore tonight.

Now, that’s Awesome! One more thing, if you are going to use ‘going to’ in a sentence; don’t forget to use a (be) verb before it. (Be) verbs are am/is/are.

I’ll give you some examples:

  1. I am going to bed early.
  2. He is going to work at 8am.
  3. They are going to play football in the evening.

Well, that’s it! Hopefully, you have learned something today. Thanks for dropping by.

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Informative. I should be careful with my grammar because we have Chrisvee. Hehe. You know I am confused with preposition. Could u post it next teacher Chris?


haha, don't worry about it. I don't really mind mistakes in grammar, because I also commit the same mistakes myself. Sure, I'll do prepositions next time. :)